Two days before the wedding, the man lifts his hands. The woman has been pregnant for 5 months. The man: Cai Li is too high.

In the first eye-news of Chongqing Radio and Television, a pair of newcomers are ready to hold a wedding, but just two days before the wedding, the man suddenly announced the cancellation of the wedding and broke up with the woman.At this time, the woman had been pregnant for more than five months.The woman asked for one million to ask the man.Today, the two sides are very stiff.

This pair of newcomers has been in love for a year and a half.The woman is from Anhui and the man is from Chongqing.Now that the woman has been pregnant for more than five months, the two sides have decided to hold a wedding in Chongqing on June 11, intending to get a wedding certificate before the wedding.However, just two days before the certificate of the certificate, the two days before the wedding, the man suddenly proposed to break up with the woman, which made the woman very passive.

The woman was holding a big belly and was helpless by the sudden change. She has been living in the hotel in the past two days.The wedding news has already notified the relatives and friends of both parties. Why did the man suddenly announce the cancellation?The reporter interviewed the man.The man said that he was truly preparing for the wedding. The woman and the mother’s family put forward many requirements including the wedding, which exceeded the man’s affordability.

The man said that many trivial matters were added together, which made him overwhelmed.He believes that since he has not received a certificate, he simply canceled the wedding.After the wedding was canceled, the woman apologized to the man via WeChat.The woman sincerely apologized, how can the man go decisively.

In this case, the two sides discussed that artificial abortion surgery to terminate pregnancy.However, the woman believes that the fetal month is too large and it has been more than five months. She is worried that the operation will affect her future life.As a result, the woman’s direction made a request that in addition to allowing the man to pay the cost of surgery, he also asked the man for one million.After being rejected by the man, the woman proposed to ask for 5 to 600,000.At present, the two sides have not reached an agreement.Lawyer Tian Xiaojiang of Chongqing Baijun Law Firm said that if the woman gave birth to the child, the children of non -marriage and children have the same legal status, and both men and women have the obligation to support.

We remind everyone that marriage and childbirth are a major event in life. Both men and women should be cautious to avoid being unhappy before the wedding. It is a kind of harm to who is so fields.

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Only 48 hours from the wedding, the bride refused to get married, her husband came to begging, and the mother -in -law did not agree

Only 48 hours before the wedding, the bride refused to get married.The man’s family had long been ready to get married. In order to save his wife, the husband came to begging.The wife was a bit shaken, and her mother -in -law rejected their marriage with her mother -daughter relationship.For 4 years in love, his 23 -year -old wife had fallen 4 times for her husband.Previously, the guy quietly took the camera and some money at the woman’s house, and also hit his wife.

Mr. Yu was only 48 hours away from the wedding and encountered a sudden marriage crisis.In the days when Mr. Yu and Ms. Li made an appointment, only Mr. Yu was lonely in the studio.

At such an important moment, the bride did not show up.Mr. Yu was holding a white wedding dress, couldn’t restrain his inner sentimental, and cried when he lost his voice.

For the wedding, Mr. Yu deliberately brushed all the doors and windows of the house into a festive red.Half a year ago, he and his wife got a marriage certificate. Now a few months have passed. The wedding is approaching, and the wife Ms. Li has changed her mind.

The festive red filled the entire new house, forming a huge contrast with Mr. Yu Tieqing’s face.After learning that his wife refused to get married, Mr. Yu washed his face with tears every day.

Looking at the photos of his wife, thinking of the attitude of his wife now, Mr. Yu couldn’t restrain his inner sadness and cried.

Ms. Li was in her early twenties, her appearance was beautiful, and when she saw her husband’s arrival, she was disgusted to avoid it.

The mother of the Li family suddenly appeared, making the atmosphere more nervous on the spot. The emotional mother and daughter, you said, saying that Mr. Yu was not.

It turned out that Ms. Li and Mr. Yu were free in love. At the beginning, this relationship was opposed by the Li family, but Ms. Li finally adhered to her love.

The Li family set up a dowry and agreed with her daughter’s marriage. Ms. Li and Mr. Yu also registered their marriage, but when the wedding was about to be ongoing, Ms. Li refused to get married.

When it comes to her husband, Mr. Yu, Ms. Li is difficult to hide her sadness.

Although the Li family has not been loosened, a family still actively organizes the wedding according to the local marriage customs.The family is looking forward to the daughter -in -law who can pass the door smoothly.

Thinking of his son’s marriage to this field, the old father was crying.His true feelings have not moved the Li family.

The mother -in -law’s mother -in -law was unforgivable.

It turned out that a week ago, Mr. Yu suddenly came to the Li family and secretly took away a camera and some money. Such behaviors made the Li family very angry.Mr. Yu also hit his wife.

The couple quarreled for small things. Mr. Yu said in front of the relatives of the Li family to say the mood of not getting married. This made Ms. Li’s Ms. Li’s self -confidence, and the Li family was full of disappointment with this marriage.

Mr. Yu’s initiative to kneel made the people present surprised.For marriage and love, he couldn’t afford to kneel for a long time, just to be a chance, a chance to make him find happiness.

The two met online dating. As a 23 -year -old girl, Ms. Li even fell four fetuses for him in the four years when Mr. Yu fell in love.Although from the beginning, her family opposed the relationship.

But because of love, Ms. Li persisted.She felt that she had paid so much. This man should cherish her, protect her, and care for her. However, Mr. Yu would say such a hurtful words, and she and her family could not accept it.

1 minute and 1 second passed, and the divorce time was getting closer and closer.

Mr. Yu also couldn’t help his inner stubbornness and nervousness, and decorated the door to welcoming.

Although he didn’t know if his wife was willing to cross the door, he still arranged carefully.The red lanterns, bright hi characters, exquisite furnishings, filled with a strong hope.

The time was approaching, and the daughter -in -law had not agreed, and the old father of the Yu family sprinkled all his anger on his son, Mr. Yu.

After a few slaps, Mr. Yu stood grievancely and stubbornly.

After hearing the sound of the house, the old mother rushed over.Seeing her husband and son stalemate, her heart was painful.

Mr. Yu didn’t want to talk anymore, he just walked into the back house quietly and thought about rejuvenating his wife.

When he came to his wife’s house, he begged his wife to forgive.

Hearing her husband’s true feelings, Ms. Li seemed to have some touch.At this moment, the words of the mother of the Li family made the atmosphere more embarrassing.

As long as the daughter promised her marriage, the mother of the Li family would cut off her mother and daughter.

Mr. Yu was hit again, and he trembled with a red envelope and a guarantee hand.

Yu’s father sat quietly aside, very helpless.At this moment, Ms. Li sitting aside suddenly cried sadly.

Less than 4 hours of divorce, Mr. Yu couldn’t hide his sadness, and went to the streets to send happy sugar, hoping to get the blessings of everyone at the last moment, hoping that there was a miracle.

Watching the couple around, walking through him happily, his heart intersects.

At the end of the wedding, Ms. Li still did not give her husband a step.

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Edit: Zhang Heng and Liu Mengge Li Yingxuan

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