Ultrasonic reminder: The diagnosis, inducement and prevention of embryo stopping development, how much do you know about these knowledge

Embryoscopy refers to the pathological process of natural endless embryo development in early pregnancy and the pathological process of embryo loss. Most of them occur within 12 weeks of pregnancy, and the ending is mostly aborted and incomplete abortion.

Diagnosis of embryonication

The phenomenon of embryonic development to a stage of death and stopping continuing development is called "embryo stopping".

It can be divided into:

1. Empty pregnancy sac

It means that the fertilized egg develops abnormal after implantation, and it stops developing without forming embryos.

B -ultrasound: There are only abnormal pregnancy in the uterine cavity without germ tissue.Sometimes the B -ultrasound describes only the liquid dark area, and no yolk sac or germ are seen inside.

2. There is no fetal heart with germ

The B -ultrasound shows the germ in the gestational sac, but the fetal heart is beating.

3. Stopping after fetal heart

It means that the B -ultrasound is dynamic monitoring of the pregnancy sac. You can first have a fetal sprouting heart. After a period of time, the B -ultrasound has not monitored the fetal heart beating, and the withered pregnancy sac.

Ultrasonic diagnosis

Vaginal ultrasound

1. The length of the embryo is ≤5mm, and the unintentional tube is beating. After 7-10 days, the review is still unliked.

2. The length of the embryo is> 5mm, the inadvertent tube is pulled or the average inner diameter of the gestational sac is> 20mm, no yolk cysts and embryos.

3. The average inner diameter of the gestational sac is ≤20mm, no yolk sac and embryo, and no yolk sac and embryo after 1-2 weeks.

It can be seen that embryonic stopping is a description of the B -ultrasound doctor, because through the B -ultrasound, you can very intuitively see the fetal heartbeat of normal embryos and the non -fetal heart beating in the embryo. Because it is easy to understand, it is widely accepted by patients and doctors.Essence

In fact, the medical diagnosis of obstetrics and gynecology is: abortion.Qi relicing abortion refers to the embryonic discharge inside the uterine cavity, and the uterine discharged from the body. Generally, there is no vaginal bleeding or a little vaginal bleeding.The clinical diagnosis given.

Therefore, embryonic discontinuation and abortion are two different concepts. They have similar places and are two processes of disease development.

In addition to the abortion of gynecology:

1. Breakal abortion: The embryo develops well, with a small amount of vaginal bleeding and mild abdominal pain, which can protect the fetus.

2. Incanta -miscarriage: A part of the embryo has been discharged from the body, and there are also embryo accessories that are not discharged.

3, inevitable miscarriage: refers to the palace mouth that has been opened, the gestational sac or embryo has been at the mouth of the palace, and the body is about to discharge.

4. Complete abortion: refers to embryos and accessories completely discharged from the body.

All miscarriage refers to the embryo before 28 weeks of pregnancy. The abortion before 12 weeks of pregnancy is also called early abortion, and the 12 -week to 28 weeks are advanced abortion.Embryoscopy generally means that the embryo stops developing before 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Embryo Causes

The incentives of embryonication include chromosomal abnormalities, immune factors, endocrine factors, infection factors, reproductive organs, systemic diseases, environment, behavior and living habits.

1. Endocrine factors

Embryo development can be adjusted by hormone levels in the body, and the endocrine regulation disorders of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis can seriously affect the end of pregnancy.

2. Infection factors

Foree virus, herpes simplex virus, toxoplasma, giant cell virus infection (TORCH) and other pathogen infections can cause abortion, dead tires, fetal malformations, etc.

3. Genetic factors

Chromosomal abnormalities are one of the important factors of embryos. The most common of which are balanced and transduced.

4. Immune factors

Fertilized eggs can be regarded as a semi -monotonic transplantation in the mother body. The embryo and the mother can produce immune tolerance through complex and special immune relationships through complex and special immune relationships, so that the embryo is not excluded.

5. Behavior and living habits

Poor living habits: smoking, alcoholism, drugs, coffee, etc. can increase the incidence of embryonic stopping.

Coffee can affect the risk of pregnancy, embryonic development, increased natural abortion, and slow intrauterine development.Age, exercise, preference for fried food, indoor decoration, ventilation, folic acid, marriage check, production and occupational tensions, etc., especially the dangerous factors that cause embryonic decoration.Physical exercise, living room ventilation, and supplementation of folic acid are protective factors.

6. Environment and psychological factors

Harm factor in the environment: Pesticide, organic solvents, lead, benzene, etc., professional exposure (electromagnetic radiation, nitrogen oxides, etc.) are related to the occurrence of abortion.

Large mental stress, excessive tension, anxiety, sadness.

Trauma, direct impact and excessive sexual intercourse.

7. Reproductive organs deformity and lesions

The reproductive organs are correlated with the occurrence of lesions and the occurrence of embryos.If the reproductive organs are not corrected in time, they can cause embryonic infertility, the most common of which is the vertical uterine.

8. Others

Systemic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, malnutrition, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc., leading to embryonic development and stopping.The number of sperm, activity, DNA content, and mature abnormal abnormalities in sperm protein in semen can also cause embryo to stop.


There are plans to prepare for pregnancy and avoid older fertility;

Change the habits of bad diet, no smoking, drinking, and not taking drugs;

Reasonable nutrition, laws of life;

Do not contact pets closely;

Keep mental health and contact mental stress;

Toxic and harmful substances in life and career environment;

Do the examination of eugenics and premium before pregnancy, actively treat chronic diseases and infectious diseases, and take effective treatment measures;

Do not rush to get pregnant again for women who have embryos.

For the cause of the cause, consider whether the pregnancy is considered according to the treatment.

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