unbelievable!Hong Kong exposure Tingfeng is the third child of Bai Zhi, and Baizhi Studio has a well -known media!

Today, let’s talk about Nicholas Tse, to talk about Nicholas Tse or have to talk from Nicholas Tse’s ex -wife!

Cecilia Cheung’s third child’s life is mysterious;

The well -known media was beaten by Cecilia Cheung Studio!

Before Cecilia Cheung admitted that the news that he had had the third son had burst into various platforms, but Cecilia Cheung refused to say who was the child’s biological father? Because of the strong desire to knowledge and the professional literacy of entertainment media, various media began to speculate that children have speculated that childrenWho is the father?One of the large media speculations

The first possibility: Children’s father may be 65 -year -old Singaporea merchants,

The second possibility: Sun Donghai, a wealthy businessman in the Mainland, the ex -husband of the actor Yin Tao.

Because the media had taken pictures of Sun Donghai and Cecilia Cheung.Cecilia Cheung’s studio then rumored, forwarded the Weibo of the well -known media, and wrote two big characters: fake.

The well -known media felt a bit shameful because of her face to delete the blog post.(Hahahahahaha)

too crazy!Today’s latest news: According to Hong Kong media reports, Cecilia Cheung’s third child was Nicholas Tse?

Let’s take a look at what the Hong Kong media have a report on Nicholas Tse?The title was: Suddenly, Nicholas Tse’s mysteriously appeared in Cecilia Cheung’s three -child feast, kissed Cecilia Cheung in public, and defaults to the third child’s biological father. Faye Wong was abandoned again.The videos of the title appear.

The video title is: explosive!Nicholas Tse Cecilia Cheung will hold a remarriage ceremony next month, and Dibara admits that Tingfeng and Cecilia Cheung will be again!The title is: compound heavy!Nicholas Tse, Faye Wong, broke up and returned to Hong Kong to visit Cecilia Cheung’s third child and returned to Cecilia Cheung’s arms!It is surprising that Xie Xiancheng compounds Cecilia Cheung Nicholas Tse!The fourth brother revealed that Cecilia Cheung needs to raise the body after giving birth. The two have already lived together …

Below there are news: Nicholas Tse admits remarry!Nicholas Tse was photographed Cecilia Cheung’s residence overnight.Do netizens feel more and more incredible if you look at it!

Many netizens have watched the video saying: These are some news, and there is no real hammer.Many videos are edited from old videos!It seems that the brain of Holmes of netizens is online again!

Later, Nicholas Tse denied the reunion, and Nicholas Tse’s staff responded: fake news!

The young Nicholas Tse fascinated the thousands of young boys and girls on the roadside

Seeing Wu Yanzu and Feng Delun talked about Nicholas Tse, the editor was very excited. Finally, some people painted what Nicholas Tse’s popular cognition was like!Many people say they are joking, but Nicholas Tse’s friends said more than once.Nicholas Tse’s circle of friends has always liked Nicholas Tse’s face, and then he also likes to talk about Nicholas Tse, and the joke is from the heart.

The role of Hua Wuxi is the peak of Nicholas Tse, let’s enjoy his face together!

Born from an early age is the second generation of the star, Wang Mingquan is a godmother, and Mei Yanfang is a sister.Leslie Cheung watched the concert, and Zhou Runfa bought soda.What perfect people who grew up in the giant star pile have never seen.This also created Nicholas Tse’s early superstar temperament.

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