Unclear for pregnancy and cold?I found the early pregnancy signal in advance to see a few you got

The pregnant mother looked at her body and could feel the germination of small life slightly.For example, some pregnant mothers will have a rigidity of breasts, and the color of the areola will become darker.The breasts become very sensitive, and it may cause pain when touching.

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Of course, I have to focus here: pregnant and cold, don’t be stupid.

In the early stages of pregnancy, some signs like colds such as rising body temperature, headache, mental fatigue, yellow face, etc. At this time, they would feel particularly afraid of cold.If injections and medicine are taken, the harm to the baby will be very harmful.Therefore, women who prepare for pregnancy must always remind themselves that they might be pregnant. When they need to use the medicine, they must think of this problem to avoid misunderstanding.

"Auntie" is late for more than a week

If your menstrual cycle has always been stable, accurate, and regular, suddenly it has not come for a week, and the fact that there have been recent rooms, this should cause your high degree of vigilance. At this time, you are likely to get pregnant.However, it cannot be concluded because of this, because there are also environmental changes or mental stimulus factors that cause delay of menstruation.

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Breast changes

After pregnancy, breast changes are similar to changes in early menstruation, and they are more obvious.Generally, the breasts start to increase and become more sensitive after 46 weeks of pregnancy. The color of the nipples and areolas deepen, and the tiny gland on the areola becomes larger.

The body temperature continues to increase mild

Generally speaking, the basic body temperature before ovulation, the basal body temperature after ovulation will rise, and it will continue.If the body temperature rises lasts for more than 3 weeks, it can basically be determined as pregnancy.

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Increased urination

The frequent urination is mainly due to the increase in blood and other liquid during pregnancy, which causes more liquid to be discharged into the bladder through kidney treatment into the bladder to become urine.With the advancement of pregnancy, the growing baby that grows grows will put greater pressure on the bladder, and the frequent urination symptoms in early pregnancy may continue.

Always sleepy, feel tired

If you suddenly feel tired and tired, and sleep will increase, it may also be caused by changes in hormones in the body after pregnancy.

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Nausea and vomiting, sensitive to odor

If you suddenly become sensitive to a certain smell, such as the oil fume flavor of cooking, the gasoline flavor of the car, the smell of perfume, etc., and even seeing a kind of food will feel nauseous and vomiting, you should also think of whether you are pregnant.

Pregnancy, the most special experience in women’s lives, excitement, nervous, and want to do my best to give the best care for the baby in the belly.A little fearful, afraid of doing too much, and worrying enough … If you feel that you don’t have the bottom in your heart, you listen to the doctor. If you want to ask other people how to deal with the emergencies, then listen to the people who come.of.

I wish the pregnant mothers, and peacefully have a perfect pregnancy!

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