Unexpected pregnancy, do not eat folic acid?Nutritionists teach you to do this

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Wang Lei, Ph.D. in Nutrition of the Second Military Medical University of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, deputy chief physician of the nutrition department of the Armed Police General Hospital

The Nutrition Department of the Three A Hospital has worked for nearly two decades and managed tens of thousands of mothers.The Chinese Nutrition Society’s "National Training Plan for Nutrition Personnel during pregnancy" and a senior lecturer at the Beijing Maternal Nutrition Management Training Base; the first batch of nine volunteer mentors of the first batch of "Technical Training Course for Pregnancy Nutrition Clinic for Pregnancy of Grassroots Hospitals" of the Chinese Nutrition Societyone.I have been interviewed by many media such as CCTV’s "Approaching Science" column and Sina Health Micro Interview.

First listen to Dr. Wang to tell a small story:

My girlfriend Dan Dan rushed to my clinic. When I saw me, I burst into tears. I hurriedly greeted and thought that my husband was derailed?I have a good writing. I have flashed dozens of the most vicious languages in the world in my mind, and they are lucky to caters to Dan Dan’s scolding of the scum.Essence

If you have rushed to the throat, if you want to speak immediately, it is abruptly stopped. Together with the air and those vicious sentences, I was swallowed by the air. I was stunned by myself.Dandan looked at me, and said strangely: Why do you express this expression?After I took a dozen times deeply, I finally could speak normally. "Sister, tossed for more than two years, and finally successfully upgraded to the middle captain.After so long, I tried all kinds of people. My husband and I really were annoyed by this life that looked at the calendar.Drinking together, I continued to go shopping, stay up late to chase the drama, and all kinds of health products and vitamins also stopped. I did not expect to have a face. This month, my aunt has never come. I still think that it must be playing recently.Think of it elsewhere, but this morning, I saw my favorite fried poached egg, and actually vomited. This scene is definitely a vulgar plot that reminds the heroine’s pregnancy in the TV series. My husband and I come up at the same time: Isn’t it pregnant?IntersectionHurry up and take out the pregnancy test stick. This is the first time I have prayed for a pregnancy test for the first time in the past three years, but God really loves to joke. I really upgraded this time. Lei Lei, what should I do?I did n’t eat folic acid. I also made nails. I painted red and sprayed perfume every day. Will children have deformities?IntersectionAfter speaking, Dan Dan began to burst into tears in an instant.

It is said that girlfriends Dan Dan and her husband are all playing with their hearts. After marriage, they have always enjoyed the two -person world. In the end, because they are very envious and jealous and hate our cute babies, coupled with the pursuit of the parents on both sidesThe more you make people, the more you are, but you have no movement. I did not expect that I had just given up the plan, but I was pregnant unexpectedly.

This scene is definitely no stranger to you who are ready to be a mother. It seems that it seems not as easy as the child’s matter, especially in today’s society, the pressure of work and environmental pollution, so that many couples cannot get pregnant normally. InfertilityThe incidence is also as high as 10%, and the normal physiological incident of pregnancy needs to be used with medical help.

I once passed the door of the Reproductive Center of the Third Hospital of the North Medical Hospital at 6:30 in the morning. I found that there were almost ten meters of teams at the door of the door.When other people ’s children are green, in fact, this is not exaggerated. I have also witnessed that doctors and colleagues will do B -ultrasound to monitor follicle development in the past month to guide pregnancy.Also fruitless.

In fact, what we can do may just make eggs and sperm meet, but it is not easy to successfully combine fertilized eggs. Relaxing mood makes the hormone level reach the state of conception.Afterwards, my mood was stable, but met the conditions for conception.

Reliable medical knowledge: Most women who are preparing to get pregnant will start taking folic acid during pregnancy, because the study found that when red cell folic acid concentration (RFC) reaches 906-1000Nmol/L, it can reduce neural tube defectsThe role of risk, that is, the most common birth defect lip, cleft lip, cleft palate is the category of neurotic tube defects. Women who are deficient in folic acid can achieve the appropriate RFC after taking 400µg folic acid supplements for 4 weeks.It is 5-6 weeks, so for the sake of insurance, we recommend supplementing folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy.Some expectant mothers who are pregnant do not know that they are pregnant and have not replenished folic acid in time. What should I do?Will not eat folic acid before pregnancy, will it affect the baby’s health?

In most cases, it will not have much impact.Modern women usually pay attention to replenishing fresh fruits and vegetables, and folic acid content in fresh fruits and fruits is also very rich.Therefore, if the diet structure is reasonable, even if you do not eat folic acid tablets 3 months before pregnancy, it will not affect the baby’s development.But do not think that only the first three months of pregnancy supplement folic acid, and then do not need it, because folic acid has an important role in the development of all organs of the fetus. Therefore, she should start supplementing folic acid as soon as possible after pregnancy, until the baby is until the baby’s babyBorn or six months after breastfeeding.

In addition, the deformity is not so easy, it is not very easy to appear because my father smokes or his mother makes a manicure.There is a phenomenon in early pregnancy called "all or nothing."It means that there are either, or there is no, there is no half, half of the case.Within 14 days after the formation of fertilized eggs, no matter what harmful factors (including drugs, poisons, rays, etc.) in the embryo, only two endings may occur: embryo death;No difference!This is the phenomenon of the so -called early embryo.In any environment, the harmful substances, if you want to harm the fetus, you must first pass the mother’s strong immune and metabolic function through the mother’s body.Even if there are some residues, it is possible to affect the fetus through the second powerful barrier -the placenta barrier.The placental barrier usually only allows very small nutrients to pass, and most viruses, bacteria and toxic substances are rejected for various reasons.

Through the above introduction, expectant mothers are not so anxious about fetal deformity!Although the fetus is not so easy to deform, but to have a healthy and beautiful baby, expectant mothers should pay attention to prevention.There are many reasons for fetal malformations, and internal factors such as genetic factors, genetic impacts, drug effects, radiation effects, lifestyle habits, etc. have the possibility of fetal malformations. Among themFor example, pregnant women ensure that nutritional intake is fully sufficient and nutritious, avoid intake of harmful compounds, eliminate drinking, smoking, and stay away from second -hand smoke!Avoid exposure to an environment containing a large amount of chemicals.

In addition, pregnant mothers must conduct pre -pregnancy examinations in accordance with standards, especially high -risk pregnant women with genetic diseases should consult professionals before determining whether they can get pregnant to prevent malformations.

Dr. Wang Lei suggested: If the pregnant mother is not sure whether the dietary structure before pregnancy is reasonable, it is best to go to the nutrition clinic during pregnancy. Please ask a professional doctor to give a comprehensive assessment and provide suggestions.If there is a lack of risk of folic acid, the dose of folic acid needs to be increased, but it must be carried out under the guidance of a professional doctor.

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