Use a good bonus longan, nourish qi and blood, feel at ease, and be good at you, good sleep


Nowadays, people’s sleep quality is poor, complexion, and poor complexion. Traditional Chinese medicine tells the main blood, Tibetan gods, and the quality of the sleep quality, and the moisturizing of the complexion is closely related to the sufficient heart.The pressure of work, staying up late for a long time consumes our blood step by step.The spleen is the source of qi and blood biochemical, and it is thought to hurt the spleen for a long time. Therefore, excessive thinking, excessive thoughts are hurting the spleen, and spleen injuries are not deficient in qi and blood deficiency.

Longan, as the food that is the same as the same medicine, is attributed to food. It is a fruit. As a Chinese medicine, it is a good medicine that blindly nourish qi and blood.Since ancient times, longan has been a good product for nourishing qi and blood.Jiufu strong soul, clever, light, not old, all -time.Ye Tianshi loaded in the "Materia Medica Scripture": the round meat tastes sweet and spleen, and the spleen health is full of organs, but the evil qi cannot tolerate it.Chen Shiduo records in "New Materia Medica": longan meat, sweet, flat, non -toxic.Enter the spleen and heart.Detoxicide, An Zhi Ding God, raising muscles, beautiful colors, except for forgetfulness, but stubborn.Take more souls and souls and be smart.Zhang Xichun also called it the heart spleen for medicine, which can breed your heart blood and strengthen the spleen and stomach.Longan meat nourishes the heart and spleen, nourishing qi and blood, used in the heart and spleen deficiency, caused by shock, stubbornness, insomnia, forgetfulness, and nourishing the heart and spleen.The complexion caused by qi and blood is not white, the lips have no blood, dizziness, and the effect of nourishing qi and blood.

Longan meat nourish the heart spleen, nourish qi and blood, and teach you to use longan meat.

1. Afraid of getting angry with Western ginseng, named "Yuling Cream"

Longan is delicious, but many people are afraid of getting angry. In fact, the ancients are the same. Therefore, Wang Mengying, a medical doctor in the Qing Dynasty, became a jade cream with the use of longan meat with American ginseng.Qi and blood also prevent fire, suitable for qi and blood deficiency, blood does not nourish, and sleep disorders occur.

2. Forgotten and far -sightedness, improve memory, and have high reading efficiency.

As the saying goes, good memory is not as good as rotten, but many people have poor memory, and they forget to turn their heads. The mind is the master of the five internal organs. It is the master of the five internal organs.The occurrence of this situation is too much, and the spleen is hurt for a long time.Longan meat nourish the spleen, nourish qi and blood.Yuan Zhi calmed down and opened up, and combined phlegm.It is used for heart and spleen deficiency, phlegm and clearing, and forgetfulness and qi and blood."Mi Jingzi Ji Shiliang Fang" Reading Yi Ji Fang: Longan meat, Yuanzhi, puzzle Three medicines, honey pills.

3, with lotus seeds, jujube kernels, soothing gods help sleep.

Longan can nourish the heart and spleen, nourish qi and blood and soothe the nerves.Sour jujube kernels to nourish liver peace.Common compatibility is used for disturbing insomnia and disturbing.

4, with red dates, nourish qi and blood, and you look good.

Cosmetics can cover the flaws, but the good color from the inside out is even more touching. Stay up late and work overtime. Life trivial matters will affect our emotions. The age is not bleak, and good qi and blood can make you look moist., So qi and blood are essential for female friends.Jujube is a sacred product, combined with longan to enhance the effect of blood nourishing, suitable for the pale complexion of blood deficiency, no blood color, dizziness, low menstrual flow, and anemia.

5, longan roast eggs, warm the body, anti -cold evil.

Many places have the custom of eating longan roast eggs on this day. The winter solstice is the most prosperous day in the year, and the coldest day. The winter solstice is born.Eating cinnamon roast eggs on this day can increase the growth of the human body and resist the cold.For friends who have cold hands and feet, chills and cold, you can choose to eat longan roast eggs the next day.

The above are several common health matching of longan meat. All kinds of problems with insufficient blood can be used.

Longan meat is sweet and greasy, warm, and should not be used for people with phlegm and fire, cough and phlegm sticky.The tongue coating is thick, full of qi, smooth intestines, cold and cold, cold and cold, and indigestion should not be used.

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