Vaginal secretions are "signal lights" during pregnancy. Four common situations are related to fetal health

Many pregnant mothers found that when bathing or going to the toilet, they found that there were a lot of secretions or abnormal colors (such as yellow -green, brown, etc.). They were particularly worried, so they posted online for help.


Is there a lot of secretions and yellow in pregnant mothers!The underwear is yellow!what reason?Shouldn’t it be vaginitis?


At night, I found that brown secretions flowing out of the vagina were scared that I couldn’t sleep. There was nothing abnormal except the secretions. What was going on?

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In the past two days, there are a lot of secretions. I always feel that I can’t wash them clean. Today I have found a large light brown leucorrhea in a bath. I am so worried!

The secretion of the vagina is actually leucorrhea, which is like a signal light, reflecting the health of the women’s reproductive system.

Is there a problem with the increase in secretions?Not.After pregnancy, the secretions will be increased due to the influence of estrogen, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

What pregnant mothers need to pay attention to the color and texture of the secretion. If they are not the same as usual, they must be vigilant.Let’s analyze several common situations, and everyone can get a seat.

If the secretion is not color (looks like egg white), or milky white (looks like milk), and there is no odor or itching, then normal leucorrhea, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry.

Some pregnant mothers have a lot of secretions during the third trimester, and even panties are soaked. At this time, pay attention to identify whether the secretion or water breaks.If it is broken, I often feel a warm current flowing out of the vagina, and it will flow up or change the position.The amniotic fluid in the third trimester is slightly white, and it is often white and small with a small piece of flocculent material.

If the secretion is white, block -shaped (looks like tofu residue), and accompanies these characteristics, it may have mold vaginitis: itching of the genitals, sometimes itching is difficult to settle;In the process of sexual life, feel the dryness and pain of the genitals; wipe off the secretions of the genitals, and you can see the redness of the mucosa.

Don’t say anything at this time, go to the hospital to check for the reason why the leucorrhea is confirmed, early discovery, early treatment, and peace of mind.

If the secretion looks yellow or yellow -green (like a thick nose), a large amount, and a strange smell, then it belongs to purulent leucorrhea and may have a variety of bacteria infections. Pregnant mothers should go to the hospital as soon as possibleEssence

Sometimes the secretion is yellow or because the water is drinking less, making the urine more yellow.If the pregnant mother drinks the water normal, it is recommended to go to the hospital for an examination to exclude the possibility of infection.

If the secretion is brown, red, or black, it means that the vagina is overwhelmed and mixed in the leucorrhea.There are many situations that may cause vaginal bleeding during pregnancy:

1. Vaginal bleeding is the most common in the early pregnancy (first 3 months). At this time, it may be bleeding caused by fertilized eggs in bed. It is normal or some abnormal situations.There may be abortion.

2. If it is bleeding in the middle and late pregnancy (after 4 months), it may be caused by the low placenta position and threatened premature birth.

3. Cervical problems (cervical severe inflammation or cervical creature) can also cause vaginal bleeding.

No matter what causes bleeding, the doctor can be confirmed by the doctor.If you find this kind of secretion, go to the hospital quickly.

It is recommended to change the underwear frequently. It is not recommended to use pads for a long time, which is not breathable.The underwear should be soft and loose, it is best to be cotton fabric. It is recommended to change new wear every few months.Do not wash the underwear with the socks. After washing, blanch it with boiling water or expose it in the sun.Don’t trust some "recipes" on the Internet, and do not use washing supplies in the private parts. Washing will not necessarily be healthier. Only doctors will give you the best care for you and the baby.The antibacterial drugs given by the doctor should be used strictly according to the dosage ordered by the doctor, and do not increase it by themselves to avoid vaginal flora disorders.Pay attention to hygiene in sex, and the couple must be washed before they love and love.

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