Various strange methods of ancient times, it is prompted to be happy

Pregnancy is a big deal. Since it is a major event, it will be studied by everyone. To this end, the people of ancient wisdom come up with various methods to remind pregnancy.

Ancient civilization started with ancient Egypt, so let’s take a look at how the ancient Egyptian people first judged whether women were pregnant.It is said that it is identified based on wheat. Mai Zi, what people think of is beer, how can it be related to the distinguishing pregnancy and pulling relationship. You have not heard it wrong. Let us see how the ancient Egyptian people use wheat wheat to distinguish pregnancy to distinguish pregnancy.EssenceThe method is as follows: The ancient Egyptians possibly the urine of pregnant women into the barley and wheat. If germination is prompted to get pregnant, if there is no germination, it is not pregnant.The barley first germination reminds the boy, if the wheat sprouts the girl first, remind the girl.The ancient Egyptian people were too talented, and I was thinking that a big man was urinating on the wheat.Will the wheat germinate?

Let’s talk about our great medicalist Hippokrad’s idea of identifying women’s pregnancy. Hippokrad believes that women in the future of menstrual periods can drink honey water before going to bed. If abdominal pain or spasm, it is prompted to get pregnant.What’s more interesting is that in ancient Greece, some people even believed that onions plugged in women’s privacy to spend the night. If you get up the next day, you can smell the smell of onion, suggesting that he is not pregnant. If you do n’t smell the smell of onion, it is prompted to get pregnant.It sounds like a bullish.

As a modern person really doesn’t understand what the ancients were thinking, but without the unremitting efforts of these ancients, how could we get closer and closer to the truth?Slowly the people discovered the urine to identify whether they were pregnant. At first, they identified whether they were pregnant based on the color of the urine. If the urine was clear, the gray -white light lemon colored, and there was a layer of cloud -like on the surface. CongratulationsYou are happy again.

Talking about so many Western methods, let’s talk about how our country in ancient times to distinguish whether women are pregnant. The most listening should be the joy, also called slippery pulse.However, not all the slippery veins are joyful veins, often need to combine medical history, such as pregnancy reaction.

Pulling the plot back to the present, the current method of identifying women is very simple, that is, urine pregnancy test, that is, to determine whether pregnancy is determined based on HCG in the urine.In 1978, the first family pregnancy test stick was launched, with an accuracy rate of 85-95%.

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