Village 3

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Liu Ying: "I might be small"

Liu Yingniang: "What do you say, you’re doing it,"

Liu Ying: "I haven’t done anything without me, I have been lying on my hoe."

Liu Ying had never been in the birth check for more than half a year. As a result, he had seen red early in the morning. Liu Ying thought that the child was dropped. He hurried to the hospital for examination. Fortunately, the doctor said that the test results were normal.

Liu Yingniang: "You mean, children can keep it, right?"

Doctor: "Keep your child, have no pregnancy at all"

In other words, it may be a misdiagnosis of previous examinations. The doctor asked her if she had done a B -ultrasound, but the two asked them. They did not know about it. There was no common sense of pregnancy.Phenomenon.The most sad is Liu Neng. Liu Ying did not toss the old Zhao family after pregnancy. How can you explain now!

After careful consideration, Liu Neng decided to hide this and let Liu Ying live in his mother’s house.When the due date is not seen, it is even more unreasonable. Liu Neng suggested that he would make a phone call to explore the wind.

Liu Ying: "I’m afraid"

Liu Neng: "You see that you are scared like this, how do you say that I am also the Xiangya Mountain Village, the deputy director of the hosting work, he will be reasonable, and what can we do, but it will be the other way."

Zhao Sizi was eating bananas happily. On the day when Liu Ying was not there, they lived easily, so they didn’t want Liu Ying back.After hearing Liu Neng’s phone, Zhao Si told his wife that Liu Ying had to live in his mother’s house for a few days. Do not come back to toss them, but how can Yutian Niang have this courage?As a result, Liu Neng was startled, and it was impossible to expose the stuffing so soon. Are they angry?

Liu Ying: "Daddy, I’m still afraid"

Liu Neng: "What are you afraid of? Dad will be held by my father after the sky collapses, it’s okay"

Liu Neng deliberately asked Zhao Si what was going on. He even dared to dare to call him, but after hearing it, he accidentally fell to the ground, and Liu Neng’s tone became milder.The two people have their own thoughts. The old Zhao family finds various excuses and wants Liu Ying to not come back for the time being. This is just in line with Liu Neng’s thoughts and happily let Liu Ying live.It’s just that this anti -normal attitude makes Zhao Si feel very wrong. The two have been their opponents for so many years. Liu Neng actually doesn’t scold others. Is there any big move in his heart!

Zhao Si hurriedly held an emergency meeting. The family couldn’t figure it out. Since Liu Ying’s pregnancy, they have not been controlled at all. Suddenly, they are a bit uncomfortable. On the other side, Liu Nengxin has a nightmare every day.

Liu Neng: "You spared her, heard that you didn’t have a family, don’t blame Liu Ying"

Like Liu Yingniang, she patted Liu Neng’s shoulders, and the child was not worrying about it.The next day Yutian came to the door to inquire. For so many years, Liu Ying was protected by his parents very well, and everything had to be rely on them. He could only hide when he encountered things.Liu Neng calmly said that Liu Ying was taken care of well at his mother’s house.

Liu Neng: "Liu Ying is all like this now. This heart is still burnt. He wants to stay with her mother and go home to tell your father. Liu Ying will stay here. When will it be enough to go back?"

But when the truth is always revealed, how long can they hide?

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