Walnuts are not good for the liver?Doctor: Raise liver, remember "1 White 2 Yellow", don’t eat

People often say that the liver is dumb and the stomach is a speaker.The reason why there is such a statement is that the liver has no peripheral nerves, so when the liver function is abnormal, it may be difficult for most people to detect early.

The liver is a very important detoxification organs in the body. It is also known as the first of the five internal organs. If the liver function is problematic and not treated and conditioned in time, the consequences are also more dangerous.

Pain in the liver area

Although the liver does not have peripheral nerves, when the liver function is wrong, it will inevitably involve the surrounding nerves and tissues, and the pain of pain in the liver area will occur. Therefore, if the pain in the liver area is very serious for a period of timeNote that it may be related to the damage to the liver.Liver’s palm and spider moles

The palm of the palm of the palm has obvious red plaques and spots on the fishes. Press it with the hand to turn into white, stop pressing the compression to restore the red, while the spider mole has a small red mole on the surface of the skin.Similarly, liver palms and spiders are commonly considered common liver disease manifestations.

Body bleeding

The so -called bodyless bleeding mainly refers to gum bleeding or nosebleeds. If the body’s unreasonable bleeding occurs, it is likely to be related to damage to the liver health, because the liver is responsible for secreting the coagulation factors, and the coagulation factors in the body will not be enough.Blood.indigestion

When there is a problem of indigestion, most people will unconsciously think that gastrointestinal health is damaged, and the liver is also responsible for assisting digestion and absorption. Therefore, if you have indigestion within a period of time, you should also consider whether it is related to the health of the liver.

Stay away from alcohol:

I believe that everyone should have heard that drinking and hurting the liver. The reason why drinking will hurt the liver is because some of the substances in alcohol entered the human body, mainly relying on the liver to decompose and metabolize.Healthy liver search, I hope you can quit drinking early.

Keep a good attitude:

Poor emotional state will not only affect people’s mood, but also affect physical health, such as the problem of strong liver fire and liver qi stagnation, so you don’t want to have problems with liver function. I hope you can maintain a peaceful and stable emotional state as much as possible.Helps reduce the burden on the liver.

Regular physical examination:

Because the liver does not have peripheral nerves, it is difficult for patients to detect when the liver disease arrives early, which reflects the importance of physical examination. Regular physical examinations can help reduce the burden on the liver. When the liver function is abnormal, it also occurs.You can find early treatment early.

Regulate and improve diet:

Although the liver is not the main digestion and absorption organ, if you don’t pay attention to diet, you may also increase the burden on the liver. After all, the types of food on the table are more and more diverse, and many people do not know how to control it when they eat.

Some people in diet have heard that eating walnuts often is not friendly to the liver. Is there a basis for this statement?

Walnut is a kind of nuts that we often eat in our daily life. It has a high nutritional value and can also have the effect of nourishing the brain and brain, so it is also loved by people.

Some people heard that eating walnuts are not conducive to liver health, because the oil content in walnuts is relatively high, after all, they can be squeezed into walnut oil.

If there is too much oil intake, it will inevitably lead to a state of overloading the liver. In severe cases, it may even increase the risk of fatty liver.

Therefore, people also think that eating more walnuts is not good for the liver. In fact, the lipid components in walnuts are high -quality ingredients, so those who have not worked well now, eat some walnuts in moderation in normal life, control the intake of intake.In the case, there are generally not much harm.

【White Meat】

White meat is also a fat meat that we often say. Perhaps many people love this kind of meat food, feel very delicious, can also satisfy their own appetite, but the fat content in white meat is very high. ThereforeIf you eat white meat, it will inevitably increase the burden on the liver and persuade you to show mercy.

【fried food】

After the food is fried, it tastes crispy and delicious, and it also makes people love it. Fried foods do people like to eat very much, but after fried, the oil and fat content are very high. Therefore, those liver function is not functional.Too good people are not friendly, so fried food should be eaten less.


The nutritional value of egg yolk is very high. Why can’t people with poor liver function ca n’t eat egg yolk?Eating eggs is good, because the liver needs protein, but the protein is generally stored in protein. The egg yolk contains a certain cholesterol, and the calories are relatively high. Therefore, people with poor liver function must control the intake.

In summary, the liver is a very important internal organs in the human body. Therefore, when the liver function is wrong, it is necessary to regulate and maintain it in time. Try not to develop it. Maybe it is better to avoid related diseases.

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