Want to get pregnant?Do you know which day is the highest surrogacy rate?

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Now that the young couples are pregnant, they are not like the older generation, and they have a casual mood. Instead, they hope to choose the appropriate month through the eugenics and eugenics (such as before the start of the school in September), so as to help themselves help themselves.The future baby wins on the starting line, making him fly higher and farther.

After the husband and wife got married, they still thought about the two -person world for a while.In this way, after another two years, the young couple discussed and decided to have a baby.Xiao Wang also specifically checked the ovulation period for this, and her husband quit the tobacco, alcohol and unnecessary entertainment, and greeted the arrival of the little life.Xiao Wang only knows that the ovulation period is not good, and you must know the day when the surrogacy rate is the highest, so that it is possible to hit the cute baby in one blow.

So, do you want to get pregnant, is the chance of pregnancy on the day of ovulation?According to research, in fact, if you want to increase the surrogacy rate, it is not necessarily the high conception rate of ovulation day, but a higher surrogacy rate one day before ovulation.Why is this?Because this is related to the life of sperm and eggs.Modern scientific research shows that under normal circumstances, sperm can survive for 48 hours, and the longest sperm can reach 72 hours.Under the same conditions, the survival time of the eggs is much shorter, only 12 hours, and the longest -lived eggs are only 24 hours.

It takes a lot of time to swim from the vagina to the fallopian tube.Under the observation of scientific instruments now, it is found that the strong sperm can only swim for 3 ~ 4 mm in one minute, and it takes four or fifty minutes to reach the fallopian tube to find eggs.If it is a weaker sperm, it takes a few hours to reach the fallopian tube time, and it is 72 hours.According to the life of sperm and eggs, and the length of the fallopian tube, it is best to arrange love before ovulation, so that the sperm is waiting for the eggs in the fallopian tube in advance, which is easier to conceive.Otherwise, if the sperm movement is slow and when you encounter eggs, the eggs may have lost their vitality. Isn’t sperm painful?

So the question is, how can I find the day before the ovulation day?Nowadays, ovulation test strips are sold in pharmacies. According to the color of the test strip, you can preliminary judgment, and further add the color of the leucorrhea. For example, the leucorrhea becomes clear and thinner, and the amount has also increased a lot.If a woman with regular menstrual cycles, it is better to judge. You can use the cycle calculation method and ovulation test strip to relatively accurately determine the day before the ovulation period.

Experience of pregnancy:

This surrogacy rate is relatively highest natural conception. In short, the chances of conception before and after ovulation are relatively high.I believe that small couples will successfully conceive in this method.However, it should be noted that the mentality of the little couple should be relaxed, which is the basis for the higher conception rate.

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