Want to get pregnant smoothly?Reminder for pregnancy couples: It is important to do these 5 things during this period!

Preparation of pregnancy refers to the prerequisite for pregnant women and family members to prepare for excellent pregnancy. In short, preparing pregnancy is not just a good preparation for women to be well -prepared, and men should also pay attention to some matters.Essence

However, for young people who have not had a fertility experience, they do not know what should be done during pregnancy. The doctor said that the following content must be kept in mind, so as to help to get pregnant smoothly.

1. Relax body and mind

When thinking of having a child, some couples will have emotional stress. From this, it can easily affect the quality of sperm and eggs, but it is not conducive to pregnancy.

Conversely, if you relax, you will not only be able to devote your body and mind to sexual life, help maintain the good quality of sperm eggs, but also stabilize endocrine, thereby creating a more conducive to pregnancy environment.

2. Pay attention to supplement nutrition

For female friends, three months before pregnancy must be targeted to supplement nutrition, such as eating more foods that promote ovulation, so that the follicles can mature and discharge, followed by the appropriate amount of folic acid.

Because folic acid is an indispensable substance in the human body, it helps to prevent fetal neurological deformity, and folic acid reaches a certain concentration during pregnancy, which can meet the additional needs of mineral trace elements and prevent the anemia caused by the deficiency of folic acid caused by iron deficiency.occur.

3. Can’t quit bad living habits

Whether men or women, stay away from smoking and drinking and staying up late during pregnancy, because there are too many harmful substances in tobacco, such as nicotine to kill sperm and reduce sperm activity. Ethanol in alcohol is also easy to damage sperm, which will affect the sperm, which will affectConceive.

In addition, staying up late can easily disrupt endocrine and affect reproductive function, especially women. If you stay up late and endocrine are in a state of disorder, it is easy to have serious consequences such as menstrual disorders and abnormal ovulation.

Not only that, the experiments found that if the sleep time is not enough, the immune system will also be affected. As a result, the chance of successful pregnancy will be reduced. Therefore, both the couple must ensure that the sleep time is sufficient during the pregnancy stage.

4. Use drugs with caution

As the saying goes, the medicine is three -point poison. If you take the medicine blindly during pregnancy, it will easily bring a burden on the body, that is, the chance of conception.

In addition, even if successful conception, the bad components in the drug may also affect the normal development of the fetus. Therefore, when both husband and wife have planned to prepare for pregnancy, once they have symptoms of discomfort, they need to consult a professional doctor and cautiously.Choose medicine.

5. Far away from harmful chemicals

In the stages of pregnancy, both men and women should avoid contact with chemicals, such as pungent cleaning agents and dyes.Especially the formaldehyde in the decoration materials, it is a key factor that causes fetal malformations. Therefore, after having a pregnancy plan, please do not live in a new house just completed and repaired.

All in all, the main purpose of pregnancy is to give birth to healthy children, so both men and women need to take measures to prepare for pregnancy, such as the five content mentioned above.

In addition, the couple also need to exercise in an appropriate amount. On the one hand, it can reduce stress, and at the same time help promote metabolism, maintain endocrine, and keep the body in a healthy state.

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