Want to have a baby, look at this Guide to prepare for this pregnancy

Bringing a small life is a magical thing. Now more and more husbands and wives are aware of the importance of science. However, attach importance to notice does not mean understanding, and accidentally troubled by various misunderstandings.Today we invite the deputy director of the Department of Reproductive Medicine of Jiangsu Hospital of Jiangsu Province to share the most comprehensive pregnancy guide for you!Correspondent Sun Qian

Yangtze Evening News/Zi Niu Journalist Yang Yan

Misunderstanding 1: Good health does not need to be checked

Many husbands and wives think they are healthy, and there will be no problems with fertility.However, good health does not mean that fertility must be very good.Although many people seem to be healthy on the surface, there may be some potential diseases, and it is difficult to discover without pre -pregnancy examination.For example, chromosomal abnormalities; female uterine malformations, poor egg quality, abnormal thyroid function, etc.; Men’s sperm quality, high malformation rate, and exceeding standards of fragmentation may affect normal pregnancy.Professional examinations are required to discover hidden dangers, so pre -pregnancy examinations are necessary.If you are not pregnant for one year, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Misunderstanding 2: Preparation for pregnancy is just a matter for women

When it comes to pregnancy and child, many people think it is a woman’s problem. For men, as long as they quit smoking and alcohol. In fact, men and women are equally important in preparing for pregnancy.The number and quality of men’s sperm fail to meet the requirements, and it is likely to affect the health of the fetus. Therefore, during the preparation of the pregnancy, the two parties need to be equipped with equipment, so as to better bred a healthy and smart baby.

Misunderstanding 3: Calculate the ovulation period, you will be able to get pregnant

Only a few days can allow you to improve your pregnancy every month, that is your ovulation period.But unfortunately you may not be able to meet ovulation every time, so the timing is very important.Many couples are frequent in order to make people’s intercourse, which may also lead to decline in sperm quality and reduce the chance of pregnancy.

Prepare pregnancy correctly here

1. Reasonable matching diet, change bad habits

Pay attention to the sufficient reserves of nutrition during pregnancy, and eat more foods rich in nutrients, such as meat, fish and shrimp, vegetables, soy products, fruits, etc. The sufficient and excellent nutrition also helps improve the quality of the eggs.Eat less or do not eat fried foods, such as barbecue, fried foods, excessive processing foods, etc.

Iodine is an indispensable trace element for synthetic thyroid hormones. In order to avoid the adverse effects of iodine deficiency on fetal intelligence and physical development during pregnancy, in addition to iodized salt, pregnant women should also consume once a week with iodine -rich seafood.Such as kelp and seaweed to increase a certain amount of iodine reserves.

Women of childbearing age supplement 400 μg of folic acid per day, and continue to supplement the concentration of serum or plasma folic acid after 12 to 14 weeks to reach an effective level and stable state to ensure that the embryo has a good nutritional state in the early stage of the embryo.

Both husband and wife should stop smoking, drinking, and staying away from the smoking environment 3 months before preparing to get pregnant.The harmful ingredients in tobacco enter the reproductive system through blood circulation, which will directly or indirectly generate toxic effects, which can increase the risk of deformity in the next generation.Men’s long -term or large amount of alcohol can cause chronic or acute alcohol poisoning. The number of sperm is reduced, vitality is reduced, the proportion of malformation sperm and death sperm increases, which will affect the development of conception and embryonic development.Alcohol can also enter fetal blood through the placenta, causing dysplasia in the fetus, abnormal development of central nervous system, and low intelligence.

2. Scientific science and rest, regular exercise

During pregnancy, both men and women should go to bed early and get up early, and do not stay up late. Successful sleep can improve the body’s immunity and enhance the function of organ tissue, especially the reproductive system, which helps to form high -quality eggs.By breathing more fresh air, develop healthy and scientific habits, maintain mental health, soothe mental stress, and prepare for later pregnancy.

Preparation of pregnant women should insist on exercising at least 30-40 minutes a day.You can choose suitable exercise according to your own conditions, such as jogging, walking, etc.Exercise can avoid overweight and obesity, maintain healthy weight, enhance cardiopulmonary function, improve the function of blood circulation and breathing and digestive systems, improve disease resistance, enhance the body’s adaptability, regulate human tension, improve physiological and psychological state, helpSleep.

Promotional weight loss can reduce the risk of adverse pregnancy ending.Preparation of pregnant women should adjust the weight by balanced diet and appropriate exercise, and try to make the weight index BMI from 18.5 to 23.9.Overweight and obesity before pregnancy can increase the risk of hypertension and diabetes, huge children, and cesarean section.Occasions before pregnancy will also increase the risk of low birth weight or premature infants.

3. Pay attention to environmental hygiene

Some families like to raise small pets, such as cats, dogs, etc., they have viruses, such as bowworms.In order to avoid infection of the virus, it is best to vaccinate pets and avoid intimate contact.

Try to avoid various pollution during pregnancy.The current pollution is everywhere. Try to reduce the contact of toxic substances as much as possible, reduce the inhalation of automobile exhaust and second -hand smoke, choose green food, eat less fast food, choose safe cosmetics during pregnancy, do not apply nail polish, and reduce perm hair dye.

Source: Yangtze Evening News

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