Want to know if you are pregnant?These four methods can help you

After preparing for pregnancy, the greatest happiness was to conceive as soon as possible.Although some physical changes such as menopause and nausea can also detect the arrival of good pregnancy.But it cannot be ruled out that the "fake pregnancy" phenomenon appears because I want to get pregnant too much.How to accurately and efficiently know if you are pregnant?The following four methods can help you.

First, pregnancy test stick, early pregnancy test strip.This is a method that most people choose, simple and convenient.After the fertilized eggs are in bed, women will secrete HCG and distribute the whole body with the blood.HCG, which contains a certain concentration in urine.Early pregnancy test strips and pregnancy test sticks are detected according to the HCG content in human urine.If it is two lines, it means pregnancy.The accuracy rate is about 85%-95%.

Second, basic body temperature.When preparing for pregnancy, many women monitor ovulation through basic body temperature.Under normal circumstances, the body temperature before ovulation will be below 36.5 degrees, and the body temperature will rise by about 0.3-0.5 degrees after ovulation.If the eggs are not successfully fertilized after the eggs are discharged, the body temperature will return to normal after about a week.If the body temperature is monitored, the body temperature of more than 18 days still does not decrease, and it can be considered that you are pregnant.

Third, B ultrasound.Under normal circumstances, after a week of menstruation, you can go to the hospital to check whether you are pregnant through B -ultrasound.If there is a circular aura in the palace on the B ultrasonic screen, it means that you are pregnant.This is also the most reliable and correct way to diagnose whether you are pregnant.However, if only to confirm whether you are pregnant, it is rarely done in general.

Finally, blood HCG detection.At about 20 days after the same room, you can do blood HCG to detect the content of HCG in the blood.This generally adopts venous blood.It is the earliest and most accurate method for diagnosis, with an accuracy rate of more than 99%.In addition, it can also provide clinical basis for the diagnosis, identification diagnosis and judgment of incomplete abortions, ectopic pregnancy, and hydatidal -related diseases.

If you want to know if you are pregnant after the same room, you can choose one more convenient and two methods to detect.I wish you early pregnancy ~

Please refer to the above content, and cannot be used as a basis for diagnosis and treatment.

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