Washing tubes are blocked, can I still get pregnant?

Women’s fallopian tubes are transporting sperm, intake of eggs, and transportation of the transportation of fertilized eggs to the uterine cavity. The obstruction of the fallopian tube will seriously affect the normal traffic of sperm and fertilized eggs.

In recent years, there are many diseases that have led to infertility in women, but in which infertility caused by fallopian tube lesions accounts for about 30%to 44%. Fallopian tube obstruction caused by fallopian tubulitis is the biggest culprit for women infertility.

1. Effectively prevent tubal obstruction

1. In daily life, we need to pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of the reproductive system to prevent infection of various pathogens (especially sexually transmitted diseases). Try not to perform artificial discharge surgery., Avoid inappropriate uterine cavity operations, avoid unclean sex, avoid the same room during menstruation, repeated fallopian tubal fluid, etc.

2. Actively cure tuberculosis and lymphatic tuberculosis to prevent pelvic tuberculosis.

3. If you have attachment diseases, you should also be treated thoroughly to control the condition as soon as possible to prevent turning into chronic and affecting the fallopian tube.

2. Divide the degree of fallopian tube blocking

Wallopian tubes are not smooth

It is mainly due to the obstruction caused by debris, shedding cells, or blood clots; there are also some women because the fallopian tubes are too slim and curved; or the fallopian tubes are adhesive to the wall of the pot and the neighboring organs, which pulls the activity of the fallopian tube.For this type of fallopian tube problem, laparoscopy can be used to dredge in the treatment. After treatment, most female friends can naturally conceive.

The fallopian tube is not closed

Most fallopian tubes are normal. Only part of the fallopian tubes cannot be closed, and the degree of damage is mild. You can use the abdomen combined with surgery to dredge the fallopian tube or 24 -hour settings.After surgery, most female friends can also conceive naturally.

The fallopian tube is completely unreasonable

When the fallopian tube is completely unreasonable, and the disease is severe, this situation is mostly due to the long delay treatment or the tuberculosis infection of the fallopian tube, which leads to the formation of scars, contracture, and stiffness of the fallopian tube.It is also difficult to conceive naturally.If you want your babies, you can use test tube babies to help pregnancy.

3. Diagnostic diagnosis of fallopian tubes

General liquid

Using beauty blue liquid or physiological saline to inject the uterine cavity from the cervix, and then inflow into the fallopian tube from the uterine cavity. According to the volume of the resistance of the liquid and the liquid return flow, it is determined whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed.

However, the whole process relies on the subjective sensation judgment of the doctor, and cannot judge the loser position of the fallopian tube. The tension during the inspection process will cause the fallopian tube spasm and cause false positiveness. In recent years, the surgery can be improved under ultrasonic monitoring, but the accuracy rate can be improved.In actual work, it was found that the method of misdiagnosis was high, so it was not an ideal examination.


Use the catheter to input the uterus to the uterus, and then use X -ray for perspective and filming.The advantage of angiography is that the smooth flow of the fallopian tubes on each side can be clearly displayed, and sometimes it can clearly display the shape of the uterine cavity.

The shape of the uterine cavity is affected by the position of the uterine.Conditioning can show severe adhesion of the uterine cavity, and mild cases are sometimes not easy to display.Conditioning is also suitable for uterine malformation examination, but whether the result is ideal depends on the position of the uterus.


Can diagnose whether the fallopian tube is unblocked and whether the tubal umbrella end has obstruction and adhesion around the fallopian tube.Under the direct vision of the laparoscopy, the uterine cavity is injected into Meilan, which can clearly display the smoothness of the fallopian tube.Inserting the plywood under the uterine laparoscopy has a therapeutic effect on the smooth flow of the fallopian tube.

You can directly see the shape of the uterus under the hysteroscopy.Combination with laparoscopy can diagnose various uterine malformations.However, it requires anesthesia and surgical treatment. It is not commonly used at present. It is only used for fallopian tubal pseudo -liquid or angiography to indicate patients with abnormal tubes.

B -ultrasound flux

Ultrasonic survey agents are injected with ultrasonic contrast agent to observe the images of the uterine fallopian tubes and uterine rectal nests. Because physiological saline is a low echo medium, it cannot directly observe its flow and display in the uterine fallopian tube.There is no liquid inside to indirectly infer whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed.

The advantage is that those who are allergic to iodine do not need to accept X -rays.The operation can be tried in the month.

The disadvantage is that observation of tubal tubes is not as easy as angiography, which depends on the proficiency of doctors to a great extent.The B -ultrasound diagnosis of the uterine polyps and uterine adhesion is better than making the uterine polyps and uterine adhesion.

4. Effective treatment plan for fallopian tubes

1. Drug treatment

Fallopianitis that causes fallopian tube obstructive infertility is chronic inflammation, so most of them are treated with drugs, especially Chinese medicine, and Chinese medicine.

2. Surgical treatment

1) Votules of tubal liquid: After 3 days of clean menstruation, it can be performed.It is 160,000 units of galaxycin, 2%Pulukin 2 ml, 5 mg of dexamethasone, and 5 mg of α-meinase in 20 ml of physiological saline.Once the next day, the treatment is stopped before ovulation.Can be continuously treated for a 2 to 3 menstrual cycle.This therapy is still adopted by most medical institutions, but the effect is poor and the false positive rate is high.

2) Conventional surgical treatment: Volidation of the lesion of the fallopian tubal lines, adhesion separation, fallopian tube symbiotic, uterine fallopian tube implantation, etc.The conventional surgical incision is large and the postoperative recovery is slow.

Wallopian barrier generally does not have typical symptoms, but the most common manifestation is infertility. Therefore, children’s shoes who have a normal sex life and do not adopt contraceptives but have no pregnancy.oh.

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