We have sorted out the full overall pregnancy strategy, and the one -time disclosure

Pregnancy is a sweet and distressed thing.

Seeing that my belly became bigger every day and felt the subtle changes in the baby in the stomach, every mother had a natural joy in her heart.

However, pregnancy is accompanied by too many troubles and doubts.

What can I eat during pregnancy to supplement nutrition and control weight?

How to solve discomfort during pregnancy, insomnia, edema, and urine leakage?

What should I pay attention to in the inspection?

Many expectant mothers chose to read professional books, but they were scared by obscure professional knowledge; consulting elders and friends who had given birth to baby, or went to the Internet to search for information, and found that the answers were different.

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Especially during this special period, we received a lot of pregnant mothers for help:

Because the epidemic did not dare to go out for a delivery inspection, she was anxious and unbearable every day.

I do n’t know how to relieve discomfort during pregnancy. I ca n’t find a professional doctor in terms of nutritional problems. I want to do care at home but do n’t know how to start

Is there any way, can we get an easy -to -understand reliable knowledge in one stop and solve your own confusion?

Dingxiang mother understood the difficulties of all pregnant mothers, so the 16 senior doctors in different departments of Zhuozheng Medical Department jointly produced a super good lesson:

Full pregnancy strategy during pregnancy

From preparing to pregnancy to production, all common pregnancy problems, one course.

It is said that parenting starts from the moment of pregnancy. Learning more systematic knowledge is important to parents.

We specially launch a combat activity of baby raising. I hope that everyone can calmly give birth and raise baby easily in a special period.

February 26th to February 29th

"All Pregnancy Raiders"

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So, what practical knowledge can you learn from the full pregnancy strategy?

What should I eat when I am pregnant?

Eating is a big thing in life.For expectant mothers, it is even more entangled when you are pregnant.

Professional doctors will tell you that the five key nutrition that need to be supplemented during pregnancy is: folic acid, iodine, calcium, iron and DHA.

We have also compiled a list of nutrient supplements, which not only includes daily supplements, daily replenishments, but also tells you to recommend food supplements and how to take supplements.

Let you check or watch at any time, it is clear at a glance!

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How to do it during pregnancy?

Many expectant mothers feel nervous as soon as they hear the pregnancy examination.

Indeed, Tang Si, Non -Invasive DNA, hemolysis test, sugar resistance test … Dozens of examinations of large and small examinations during pregnancy, slightly abnormalities will make people anxious and irritable.

But the course will tell you that not all pregnancy examinations must be done.

For example, ordinary pregnant mothers do not need to do ABO hemolytic examination.The proportion of hemolysis itself is very low, and there are few serious consequences. There is no need to worry about it.Doing this examination will only increase the psychological pressure of pregnant mothers.

The course will also tell you that you must not be ignored during the pregnancy test. For example, what is the screening of sugar tolerance, how to do it, and how to deal with the results, we all have a lot of space to teach everyone.

Which inspections must be done and which inspections do not need to be done, the course is sorted out.

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Full pregnancy strategy during pregnancy

You have all the information you want

Of course, the expectant mothers should not only supplement and check during pregnancy, but also control blood sugar, controlling weight, medication during pregnancy, skin care, and discomfort during pregnancy.

"All Pregnancy Raiders" sorted out all common pregnancy problems.

指 Supercompute accompanying guidelines, accompany you to easily spend 40 weeks of pregnancy during pregnancy

Most of the books or courses on the market are divided into three stages of early pregnancy, mid -pregnancy, and evening pregnancy.

For example, the same as early pregnancy examination, HCG examination, thyroid function test, and Tang’s screening are distributed in different pregnancy weeks.

The "Full of Pregnancy" contains 87 souvenirs, which are mainly arranged in the sequence of gestational weeks. From preparation to childbirth, suggestions for corresponding inspections, nutrition and weight control every 4 weeks.

In addition, common pregnancy discomfort, skin care, medication, etc. We also sort out modules separately to facilitate the rapid retrieval of expectant mothers and seize the number.

Sloping up and down viewing the course outline

We hope that the course can provide a one -stop service for expectant mothers, and spend 40 weeks of pregnancy with peace of mind.

6 Professional reliable, 16 expert doctors correct the traditional misunderstanding

Thousands of doubts during pregnancy, but the answers provided by traditional concepts and network information are not necessarily true and reliable.

For example, many people mistakenly think that they must not take medicine when they are pregnant. For example, the older generation likes to let pregnant women drink bone soup to supplement calcium.

Dingxiang mother specially invited 16 senior doctors in Zhuo Zheng Medical. They were from obstetrics and gynecology, nutrition, anesthesiology, pediatrics, dermatology, dental and sports medicine and other departments to do it for their good mothers.Detailed explanation.

Under down and fall, view the complete lecturer information

These doctors have more than 10 years of practicing experience, and patients who have been diagnosed have given praise.

The course has also been reviewed by 11 experts including Gao Qin, chief physician of obstetrics and gynecology at the obstetrics and gynecology, and 37 years of obstetrics and gynecology.

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February 26th to February 29th

"All Pregnancy Raiders"

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Scientific review of this paper

Weng Ruopeng, attending physician of obstetrics and gynecology hospitals affiliated to Zhejiang University School of Medicine

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