Week gestational week: 2 weeks of pregnancy, you have entered the ovulation period

The 13th to 20th day before menstruation is the best pregnancy period, that is, from this week, your ovulation period has begun.

Two weeks of fetal development

The fertilized eggs combined with eggs and eggs are constantly split the cells. After entering the palace, it becomes a solid cell group. It is called mulberry embryo. At this time, the fertilized eggs are called bubbles.

The bubbles and the endometrium of the Zi uterine are contacted and buried in the endometrium of the Zi. It is called "bed". It is usually completed within 6-7 days after fertilization and completed within 11-12 days.

Mom change

Your body shape has not changed this week.You will enter the ovulation period in the second week after the menstrual period, you will excrete mature eggs, and the healthy little tadpoles will continue to mature in the quasi -father’s body and wait for the encounter with the egg.Once the egg meets with the tadpoles, you will become a expectant mother.


(1) Monitor ovulation.The 13th to 20th day before menstruation is the best pregnancy period, that is, from this week, your ovulation period has begun.The most important task this week is to detect the ovulation period. You and your husband adjust your health and complete your mission at the best time.

(2) Prevention of disease.Adjust your body to the best state, which is conducive to giving birth to healthy babies.Therefore, you should usually pay attention to exercise, improve resistance, maintain the laws of life, ensure sufficient sleep, and prevent diseases such as respiratory tract infections and urogenital system infections.

(3) Careful medication.During this time, you should take medicine more cautiously, and for women who take drugs for a long time, it is best to consult a doctor to determine whether it is suitable for pregnancy.

(4) Maintain a good mentality.A good attitude and a happy mood are conducive to conception.Therefore, when planning is pregnant, both husband and wife should maintain good emotions.

Dietary advice

In order to ensure the normal development of the fetal nervous system, eat more foods rich in folic acid, such as fresh fruits and vegetables such as cherry, peach, spinach, etc., can also replenish folic acid tablets in accordance with the doctor’s advice. Generally, 400 ~ 800 micronegage is recommended every day.

To ensure the sufficient heat supply of heat in the diet, it is best to provide a 5116 thousand coke (2200 kcal) required for normal people every day, plus 1672 thousand kaki (400 kcal) to provide a supply of sexual life, and at the same timeTo accumulate part of the energy.

Weekly: 3 weeks of pregnancy, fertilization this week has been completed

Week gestational week: 1 week of pregnancy, you haven’t felt strange this week

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