Well -known Hong Kong Stars are admitted to the hospital for inspection!I was questioned in the fourth child, and kissed the husband sweetly in the ward

Editor’s spoiler: Tong Xinxinzhu

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Zhong Liti, the goddess of Hong Kong Circle, has always been loved by the audience. In recent years, most of her active in the Mainland, and she has settled with her husband Zhang Lunshuo in the Mainland.

In addition to receiving some commercial performances, Zhong Liti will also participate in some variety shows with Zhang Lunshuo. It is also enviable that the husband and wife can fix gold.

Recently, Zhong Liti exposed the situation on the social platform. It can be seen from the video that Zhong Liti and her husband appeared together in the hospital.problem appear.

Some netizens suspected that Zhong Liti was pregnant with her fourth child. After all, she always wanted to give her husband a child.

However, in fact, this is not the case. According to the parties, she just did some conventional examinations in the hospital, mainly to do gastroscopy -related examination items. This time, it was rare to have time with her family, so she made an appointment together.It turned out that in addition to Zhang Lunshuo and Zhong Liti, this trip, Zhang Lunshuo’s mother also had their peers.

In the ward, Zhong Liti seemed a little nervous. She walked to Zhang Lunshuo from time to time to coquettishly. The picture of the interaction between the two was also very loving.

One of the scenes impressed the editor. Zhong Liti, who was wearing a sick clothes, suddenly walked down to Zhang Lunshuo’s knees kneeling, and told Zhang Lunshuo in a delicate tone that her husband was his favorite person.

In the face of this sudden confession, Zhang Lunshuo was a little surprised. He did not give a reaction for a while. After a few seconds, he responded to Zhong Liti with his limbs. In addition to giving each other a big hug, the two couldn’t help kissing. This wave of dog foodIt was also dislated.

When being pushed by the medical staff to do gastroscopy, although Zhong Liti looked as calm on the surface, in fact, she was also a little nervous, so many netizens cheered the air.

After the project inspection, Zhang Lunshuo also visited his wife for the first time. At that time, he was still infusion. With the help of the staff, Zhang Lunshuo came to the ward to gather with his wife.

It was reported earlier that Zhang Lunshuo and Zhong Liti had problems with the marriage. The two even reached the point of divorce. Now it seems that they are just rumors. The interaction between the two in the video is believed to be the best proof.

As we all know, Zhong Liti and Zhang Lunshuo met and fell in love because of the variety show. When he was with the man in the early days, Zhong Liti also had concerns. After all, he was older than each other, and there were three children.

However, it was later moved by the man’s sincerity, and the two crossed the difficulties and entered the palace of marriage.After the marriage, the two loved high -profile, and from time to time they showed affection in public, and netizens also made envious eyes.

What is more rare is that Zhang Lunshuo is also a qualified stepfather after marriage. He treats the three children born in Zhong Liti and his ex -husband, and the children also like him very much. The family lives very happy.

Zhong Liti is 52 years old this year. She has always wanted to have a child who belongs to them with her husband. She has not stopped the pace of seeking medical treatment for many years. However, there is no good news to pass, which can not help but disappoint.

Zhang Lunshuo has always seen the pressure of his wife, so he is also very distressed. He often comforts the other person in private. He hopes that she will not blame herself for this. Everything is good. Seeing that her husband understands herself so, it is also very relieved to come to Zhong Liti.

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