What?You can get pregnant!Don’t think you can let go of the ring if you get on the ring

During pregnancy, many husbands and wives have rarely lived in their lives for the normal development of the fetus.After giving birth to the baby, the new parents have to consider contraceptive measures in the same room.

There are many kinds of contraceptive measures. I chose to use the most widely long -term contraception method: Shang Ring.

The picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please inform the delete

The picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please inform the delete

I went to the hospital for a while. The doctor asked me to come to go to the ring within 3 to 7 days after menstruation.When I went to the hospital to go to the ring, I was just 8 months after the cesarean section was given. The doctor gave me a simple consultation, and then opened a single urine testing, checking gynecology, etc.I remember that the doctor gave me a contraceptive ring for 5 years.The upper ring is fast, and it doesn’t take a few minutes.After wearing the ring, I felt a little sour with the waist, a little bloated with my lower abdomen, and no other discomfort.Doctors explain: During this time, pay attention not to work hard. After half a month, live a husband and wife life, pay attention to personal hygiene, come to review after one month, and so on.Because I was still breastfeeding, my mother -in -law hugged the child during the day, I hugged it when I fed it, and the feeding at night was lying on the bed and lying on the bed.I keep in mind and execute it in my heart, and there is no problem to go to the review one month later.After the child was weaned, I came out to work, and I usually had no discomfort, and I did not review it again.I thought that as long as I got on the ring, I could sit at a high pillow, but after 10 months of the upper ring, the moon was not here as scheduled, and my heart was stunned!I went to the pharmacy and bought two test strips, took the morning urine test, and became pregnant.The upper ring is not just to avoid pregnancy, but now I am pregnant. What is the significance of the upper ring?

After going to the hospital for examination, the doctor said that it was a contraceptive failure caused by the offset of the contraceptive ring.In fact, as long as I have a regular review in accordance with the requirements of the doctor, there may not be a ring of pregnancy.Therefore, do not think that those women who go to the ring can be able to do it once and for all. After all, its contraceptive rate is less than 100%, and there may be a contraceptive ring falling or shifting, and even the contraceptive ring embedded into the uterus.

Doctors suggest: New mothers have to check them separately for 1 month and 3 months, and they will be checked once a year to monitor the situation of the in -uterus contraceptive ring.

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