What a strange preference for her boyfriend’s special hobby to make her girlfriend blush?

Hidden special hobbies: A wonderful lawsuit revealed

In 2021, a shocking lawsuit occurred in a city.A woman with a young age blushed in the court of court, revealing the special hobbies of her boyfriend. This hobby actually made the beauty miserable.So, what kind of strange special hobbies can make a woman so difficult to open up?This article will show you this mysterious mystery.

The gradually exposed exposure from online dating to cohabitation

Sihan and Hong Jun met in 2019 through online games. Soon the two established their relationship and started online dating.When he first met, Hong Jun did not show his special habit, so in the eyes of Sihan, he was a gentle and considerate boyfriend.Although Sihan has limited experience in love, she quickly indulged in love, and the two decided to live together.

Strange requirements and hidden truths

However, with the stability of the relationship, Hong Jun began to make some strange requests to Sihan.At first, he asked the two to change their names, from calling each other "husband and wife" to "master" and "good dog".Sihan was a little strange about this, but she believed that this was just a special love between couples and thought that it was harmless, so he obeyed her boyfriend’s request.

The unacceptable upgrade

However, Hong Jun’s demands are becoming more and more exaggerated.Not only did he use violence in sexual behavior, he also asked Sihan to put on strange costumes to play role -playing and shoot private videos.These requirements made Sihan feel extremely resistant, but because of her love for her boyfriend, she chose to endure silently.The military elementary took advantage of the opportunity to gradually increase the requirements. Time flowed, and Sihan felt that his physical and mental suffered great harm, and even had a tendency to depression.

Break up and court storm

Finally, Sihan could no longer endure the special hobby of her boyfriend and proposed to break up.However, Hong Jun rejected her request and threatened to spread private videos.Under anger, Sihan will go to court to ask for civil infringement compensation and mental damage compensation.However, the court finally ruled her defeat.

Complex legal entanglement

There is a certain legal dilemma in this case.Although Sihan suffered injuries, it was impossible to prove that Junhong’s behavior caused direct physical or psychological damage to her.Hong Jun did not force Sihan to participate in special hobbies, and their behavior was carried out without the consent of both parties.Therefore, the court cannot determine the responsibility in the absence of causality.

The importance of self -esteem

This wonderful lawsuit triggered the thinking of special hobbies, personal freedom and responsibility, legal restrictions, and self -protection.At any time, we should adhere to the bottom line to protect our rights and physical and mental health.Men and women in love should respect each other, and should not sacrifice their dignity in order to satisfy each other’s special hobbies.

Behind this wonderful lawsuit, we see the importance of self -esteem and self -love.Whether in love or life, it is crucial to maintain self -respect and self -protection.Let us advocate healthy, equal, and respectful love relationships, and do not tolerate any form of violations and injuries.

Please note: The above articles are fictional plots. During the writing process, the actual legal details and the ending of the case are not considered.If you need to learn more about similar cases, please consult a professional lawyer.

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