What about acne during pregnancy?Pay attention to avoid which dangerous ingredients?

Many men say to their wives, "The most beautiful woman who is pregnant." Men’s mouth, deceiving ghost!Most of the pregnant women are big abdomen, swollen limbs, dark yellow face, obvious pigmentation, and even acne!So, what should I do during pregnancy?

The main reason for acne during pregnancy is?

According to statistics, about 50%of pregnant women have acne troubles, and some pregnant mothers have serious acne!

In fact, acne during pregnancy is mainly related to hormones.During pregnancy, placental velvet will secrete a large amount of estrogen and progesterone, as well as some androgen. These hormones are promoted to grow body hair and make the pores thick, and it will secrete more oils.

The more oil is secreted, the more likely the pores are blocked, which provides the opportunity to grow and reproduce for acne propadanobacterium, which eventually causes the skin to inflammation and then evolve into acne.

What components should I avoid acne during pregnancy?

So what should I do if I have acne during pregnancy?At this time, pregnant mothers should not use ointment for a while. During pregnancy, it is a special period. Many drugs have an impact on the fetus. Do not use medicine!

During pregnancy, you must pay attention to avoid these ingredients:

1. VA acid, taking VA acid during pregnancy will have the risk of fetal tears;

2. Tetthian, oral tetracycline will affect the development of the fetus and cause the teeth to color;

3. Vitaminic acid, external use vitamin acid will have potential threats to babies;

4. salicylic acid, oral salicylic acid during late pregnancy may cause intracranial hemorrhage in the fetus.

What ingredients can acne during pregnancy?

So, what products can I use during pregnancy to remove acne?These ingredients are safe and effective ~

Acne can be used during pregnancy: erythromycin, diexic acid, peroxide oxide, and ethanol acid. Try to select drugs with a concentration of less than 5%.

The pregnant mother with a lighter acne can only use the medicine to apply medicine locally. The more serious pregnant mothers can take the oral erythromycin or clinithromycin in the stage. At the same timeThe resistance of acid bacteria and improve the treatment effect.

What is the method of non -drug acne during pregnancy?

Although the drugs are faster, the safest is non -drug conditioning.These measures can be taken during pregnancy to remove acne ~

1. Use mild, alcohol -free, oil -free, non -irritating facial cleanser to clean the face, hydrating and moisturizing after cleansing;

2. Try not to make up, because in the process of makeup remover, it is easy to cause excessive cleaning or insufficient cleaning, stimulating more fats and acne in the stimulating fat gland; aggravating acne;

3. Remember to apply sunscreen!UV rays will increase acne and deepen stains;

4. Change the pillow cover and quilt;

5. Don’t touch your face with your hands, and don’t squeeze acne to avoid aggravating infection;

Dear pregnant mothers, if you have acne during pregnancy, don’t use the medicine casually. It is best to clear the acne under the instructions of the doctor ~

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