What are the benefits of doing B -ultrasound during pregnancy?Understand the 3 role of B -ultrasound

Most people should know that pregnant women need to do a B -ultrasound examination after pregnancy to understand the various situations of the fetus. It is precisely because many pregnant women pay more attention to after pregnancy.Super, but I do n’t know if you do n’t need to perform B -ultrasound immediately after pregnancy. Only the number of days of pregnancy can be carried out.

Generally speaking, the 12 weeks after the diagnosis of her pregnancy is the best B -ultrasound check for about 50 to 70 days after pregnancy. This time can know the situation of the pregnancy sac by the B -ultrasound.Is it or ectopic pregnancy in the palace, and it can also monitor the fetal heart buds through B -ultrasound.

1. Check the development of the fetus

You can know whether the fetus is developing normally during pregnancy and whether the fetus has deformed or delayed development during pregnancy.

2. Do it to be eugenic

Because you can know whether the fetus has genetic diseases or other defects during the B -ultrasound examination. If you find that there are abnormalities to terminate your pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor, so that you can achieve eugenics.

Third, understand the actual situation of the fetus

You can understand the actual situation of the fetus through the B -ultrasound. For example, whether the fetus exists multiple or one fetus, whether there is an uterus, or whether there is an ectopic pregnancy, and the B -ultrasound can know whether the amniotic fluid of the pregnant woman is sufficient and whether the fetal heart is normal.

1. Don’t need to be empty stomach

Pregnant women should pay attention to the B -ultrasound during pregnancy. Do not let themselves be empty, and then perform B -ultrasound after eating full meal, so that the fetus can be more coordinated and allows doctors to check in more detail.

2. Relax yourself

Before the examination, the pregnant woman should not let herself too nervous. If it is too nervous, the fetus feels nervous and follows restlessness. This will make the doctor unable to check it in detail during the examination.

Third, no need to urinate

If the B -ultrasound examination in the early pregnancy, the pregnant woman will need to hold urine because the uterus has not fully expanded. At this time in the middle of pregnancy or at the third trimester, because the fetal development has gradually matured, the uterus gradually expands.You need to urinate, and you can also check the doctor in detail.

In general, the B -ultrasound test during pregnancy is very important, just let yourself know that it is performed according to the doctor’s specified time. Don’t let yourself be blindly checked, and you should also know that you don’t feel that you don’t hurt the B -ultrasound that you don’t hurt the B -ultrasound.When you want to know the fetal condition, you can do it at will, and too much examination may also have an impact.

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