What are the benefits of Yin Chao? Why doctors suggest that these two kinds of pregnant mothers do Yin Chao?You should understand

It didn’t take long for Song and Song to get pregnant, and always felt a little pain in the lower abdomen, but she always felt that the situation did not last for a long time, and there should be no big problems, so it was not serious.Until one day, she found that she suddenly bleed her lower body and lasted for a long time. The family was afraid that the child had a problem and quickly sent her to the hospital for examination.As soon as the doctor looked at this, he suggested that Song and Song to do a yin super to see the specific situation, but Song and Song still felt bold. When reading the post on the Internet, he knew that he was a B -ultrasound during pregnancy, but what was this Yin Super?Is it really useful?

What is Yin Chao?

In fact, there are many similar points between Yin Chao and B -ultrasound. They use the power of ultrasound to detect women’s bodies, not electromagnetic radiation or ionizing radiation, and the safety factor is very high.The principle of use is similar, and the probe is very similar, but the location is different. The B -ultrasound can work in the abdomen of the pregnant mother, and the Yin Chao must be placed in the vagina of the pregnant mother.Shame, but the overcast is closer to the body, and the information can be obtained more, so it is a good choice.

The benefits of Yin Chao compared to B -ultrasound

1. No need to urinate

Because women’s uterus is very close to the bladder, in order to be able to easily distinguish between the two and avoid obtaining the wrong information, it is necessary to fill the Blade’s bladder when doing B time.It will bring some difficulties to pregnant mothers: the bladder is always full, and a large or even many drinking water is needed. This process is a waste of time; and the urination of urine after the bladder is full, which also makes many pregnant mothers ca n’t eat it.Yin Chao has no such concern at all.

2. Higher accuracy

Yin Chao can directly detect the uterus and ovarian conditions in a short distance because of direct connection of the uterus. Although this method has a shorter contact time, it can get clearer pictures, especially for women in the early stages of pregnancy.Super accuracy is stronger than B -ultrasound.

Pregnant mothers in these two cases must do yin super

1. Early pregnancy

The embryo is relatively small in the early stages of pregnancy. It requires extraordinary restrictions to use B -ultrasound for testing: if the development time of the embryo is less than 60 days, it is difficult to see the specific situation of the embryo.In this regard, Yin Chao must be more accurate. The short development time of the embryo can also see the required information, so women in the early stages of pregnancy can be checked through Yin Chao.

2. There is an ectopic pregnancy tendency

If women have severe abdominal pain and symptoms of lower body bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, then it is likely to be ectopic pregnancy. At this time, women need to be accurately checked through this test method to avoid delaying time and to themselves.Severe damage caused by the body.

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