What are the changes in expectant mombai belt in the early pregnancy?do you know

Pregnancy is a special period that every woman has to experience, and women will have some special changes in their bodies after pregnancy, such as abnormal leucorrhea in the early pregnancy.So what kind of changes will leucorrhea?

Leucorrhea is a secretion of female vagina. It is a white tasteless, slightly acidic and viscous liquid. Whether it is pregnant or pregnant with a woman before pregnancy, it will secrete the leucorrhea.Under normal circumstances, there is not much secretion of leucorrhea. The role of leucorrhea is to moisturize the vagina and help vaginal health. It is the lubricant of the vagina. At the same time, the leucorrhea is still a natural bacteriostatic agent.It has the effect of excretion waste.This is a normal physiological phenomenon.

However, in the early stages of pregnancy, most pregnant women can clearly feel that their leucorrhea secretion has increased, and I can’t help but worry.In fact, this is because after you are pregnant, the estrogen in the body will secrete much more than before pregnancy. However, the amount of leucorrhea will increase with the increase of estrogen, which will increase positively.

The changes in leucorrhea in early pregnancy will bring some inconvenience to expectant mothers.At this time, expectant mothers can choose to use pads. It should be noted that to avoid using built -in cotton strips, try not to use vaginal suppository to reduce leucorrhea secretion.This is likely to cause some damage to the baby.Perhaps expectant mothers can try to rinse the vagina with warm water to keep the vaginal hygiene.After pregnancy, you usually choose loose underwear and underwear. It is best to make cotton. Cotton will make you feel more comfortable.At the same time, this will also keep the vagina dry and hygienic, which will not be infected.

Although there will be more leucorrhea in the early pregnancy, it is colorless and tasteless under normal circumstances, but if the secretions secreted by the vagina have odor, such as fishy smell, and the amount is very large, the color is not white, but itGray, yellow, and even green, and also accompanied by blood wire. In addition, the vagina is accompanied by itching and pain. In severe cases, there is a burning sensation.Well, it is very likely that it suffers from vaginitis, and of course it does not rule out that it is a sexually transmitted disease.Therefore, at this time, expectant mothers should consult the doctor in time. If you have the conditions, it is best to do the production inspection to ensure that it is all lost and protect herself to the baby.

The changes in leucorrhea in the early pregnancy, you don’t have to worry about expectant mothers. At first, it may be more uncomfortable, but it doesn’t matter. As long as we do a good job of cleaning work, there will generally not be a problem.

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