What are the characteristics of cat pregnancy?How to take care of the cat after pregnancy?

Cats have multiple obvious features after pregnancy, which can be judged by these features to determine whether it is pregnant.

1. Breast swelling: Pregnant cats will become larger and more rounded.The nipples may also show red or purple.

2. Milk secretion: In the late pregnancy, cat’s nipples may begin to secrete milk.

3. Increased weight: During pregnancy, cats’ weight will gradually increase.The increase of this increase varies from cats to individuals.

4. Fat accumulation: Cats pregnant may appear in the abdomen to accumulate fat, making the abdomen round.

5. Character changes: Some pregnant cats may have changes in behavior, such as closer to the owner, looking for a quiet place, and more alert to the surrounding environment.

6. Increased appetite: Cats pregnant may increase appetite, be more interested in food, and may frequently find food.

7. Abdominal touch: In the late pregnancy, you can touch the cat’s abdomen gently, and you may feel the existence of the fetus.But please do it carefully to avoid discomfort to cats.

Through the above characteristics, it is confirmed that after your cat is pregnant, you must carefully take care of it. Only in this way can it be successfully produced.

1. Provide proper diet: provide cats with nutritional cat food to meet the nutritional needs during pregnancy.You can choose cat food designed for maternity cats.At the same time, ensure that cats have enough water supply.

2. Food management: In the early days of cat pregnancy, her appetite may increase, but gradually decreased in the late pregnancy.According to the advice of veterinarians, the number and frequency of food gradually increases to ensure that cats take enough nutrition.

3. Provide a comfortable rest place: Provide a warm, quiet, and dry rest place for cats to make her feel comfortable and safe.Can prepare a soft mattress or towel for her and place them in a quiet room.

4. Give appropriate exercise: Encourage cats to perform appropriate activities, but avoid excessive exercise or jump to prevent stress or harm to the fetus.Can provide some toys suitable for pregnant cats to help her stay active.

5. Regular veterinary examination: Take a cat to the veterinarian regularly to ensure that the pregnancy is going smoothly and there is no potential health problem.The veterinarian will provide you with the necessary suggestions and guidance.

6. Pay attention to observing cat behavior and physical changes: closely observe the cat’s behavior and physical changes.If any abnormal symptoms, such as loss of appetite, vomiting, abdominal pain, etc., consult the veterinarian in time.

The most important thing is to give cats enough care and attention, provide a safe and warm environment, help her survive the pregnancy period, and prepare for smooth delivery.

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