What are the characteristics of vulvar itching and abnormal vaginal vaginitis?

Vaginitis is a variety of pathogenic microorganisms, which leads to vaginal inflammation such as itching and leucorrhea abnormalities.

Depending on the infected pathogen, it can be divided into five categories: bacterial vaginal disease, trichomoniasis vaginitis, vulvar vulva, vulva, and vulvar vaginitis, and infant vulvar vaginitis.

So, what are the manifestations of these different types of vaginitis and how do you need to treat?

/ Bacterial vaginal disease /

Bacterial vaginal disease is due to the decrease in beneficial bacteria in the vagina, and the increased anaerobic bacteria such as Gednina, which leads to an endogenous hybrid infection. It is the most common in daily life and the highest incidence.

Generally, it is not accompanied by or accompanied by mild itching, the leucorrhea appears, and it will also be accompanied by a fishy smell.

The treatment of antimony antibacterial drugs is used. The first -line therapy drugs are metronidazole drugs, followed by tinidazole and clinithromycin.Oral medication

The first choice metronidazole, 2 times a day, 0.4g each time, even served for 7 days;

Devinidazole, once a day, 2g each time, 3 days, or once a day, 1g each time, 5 days in a row;

Klinsicin, twice a day, 0.3g each time, even for 7 days.Local topical medicine

Metronidazole external preparations, such as vaginal bubbles, suppositors, etc., are stuffed into the depths of the vagina, once a night, for 7 days;

Or Klincin ointment, apply it in the vagina, once a night for 7 days.

/ Trichomonas vaginitis /

Due to the strong violation of trichomonas, it will cause damage to the vaginal wall. At this time, the white blood cells will "fight" with it, and sacrifice a large amount of white blood cells will have purulent leucorrhea.

Trichomonas will produce qi after taking the glycogen in the vaginal epithelium, so there may also be pus if it will appear in the vagina.If other bacteria infections are mixed at the same time, a very strong odor will appear.

For the first time, you can choose a one-time oral metronidazole 2g, that is, 10 tablets (0.2g per tablet), and the cure rate can reach 90%-95%.Trichomonas vaginitis is mainly transmitted through sexual channels, so sexual partners should also be treated at the same time.

In addition, the re -infection rate of trichomonas vaginitis is very high, and regular follow -up review needs to be followed within 3 months of infection.

/ Mold vaginitis /

Moobacter vaginitis is usually called vulvar vulva phytic disease.It is white Candida infection.

The main manifestations are vulvar vaginal itching and increased vaginal secretions. From the type of disease, it can be divided into two types: simple and complex.

Simple fungal vaginitis is mainly white Candida infection. It usually occurs accidentally. The disease is mild, and there are no other complications. It manifests as tofu -like leucorrhea.If the color of the leucorrhea is yellow and green, it may be accompanied by other bacterial infections at the same time.

There is also a type of complex fungal vaginitis. For example, severe mold vaginitis may have a lot of leucorrhea, vaginal swelling, severe itching, and even restlessness. At night, it can be accompanied by vulva scratches, cracks, and erosions.

Oral medication can choose fluoronazole drugs such as fluonazole, tortonazole, or can also use drugs such as nitrate nitrate, clmcoxazole, germine, and diomycin B.

Simple fungal vaginitis can generally be cured by 1 course of treatment; complex fungal vaginitis requires at least 2 courses.

Mold vaginitis during pregnancy is mainly local drugs. It is generally recommended to use it for more than 3 months of pregnancy to avoid oral antifungal drugs.

/ Elderly vaginitis /

Elderly vaginitis is also called atrophic vaginitis.After the menopause, the estrogen level is reduced, the vaginal wall atrophy, the mucosa becomes thinner, and the beneficial lactobacillus decreases, resulting in a reduction in local resistance, which is prone to infection with primary microorganisms and cause senile vaginitis.

Common Essential Erobacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacteria, etc. Oxygen needed.

Elderly vaginitis is generally manifested in hot discomfort, itching, and the vaginal secretion is thin and pale yellow; the vaginal secretions of the infection are pus and blood, and can also be accompanied by sexual intercourse pain.

The treatment of elderly vaginitis needs to supplement estrogen to increase vaginal resistance and use antibiotics such as norfloxacin for bacteriostatic treatment.

/ Infant vulva vaginitis /

Due to the thin vaginal wall of infants and young children, if you do not develop the correct stool, wipe your habits, over -cleaning, or children who are stuffed into the vagina because of curiosity, etc., they may cause the invasion of the original microorganisms and vaginitis.

It is manifested as the redness, purulent secretions and odor of the vaginal and vaginal port. If the infection or stimulation is severe, the vaginal ulcer may also occur.

To prevent vulva vaginitis in infants and young children, parents should pay attention to cultivate their children’s correct living habits. When rubbing their buttocks, they should be wiped from back; if there are vaginal foreign bodies, they need to be taken out in time;Washing to avoid transmitting adult diseases to children.

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