What are the damage to the body?These 5 problems may occur, but don’t care

The ring is placed in a woman’s uterine cavity, so that the effect is achieved through mechanical stimulation and interference, and the avoidance effect will not inhibit women’s ovulation.Of course, it will not affect women’s endocrine.Therefore, many women choose to bring a ring in order to avoid the emergence of unexpected pregnancy.Although the ring can achieve the effect of contraception, the damage to women is also very great.So, what are the damage to the body?

What are the damage to the body?

1. Bleeding.Bleeding is a very common situation after the ring, but this situation is usually two or three.If the bleeding situation has always been bad, then you need to go to the hospital for examination to see if it is allergic to the ring or other reasons.

2. Body sore.Some women will have some low back pain or pain in lower limbs after the ring. This is mainly because there is a nursery ring in the uterus, which will cause the women’s uterine contraction.Therefore, there will be symptoms such as lower abdomen pain or back pain.

3. Menstruation disorders.After the ringing cycle of menstruation, many women have become less regular, and some will cause more menstrual flow, and of course there are less situations.These situations will be because the uterus has not adapted, and it may be better after adaptation.If it is not good, then it may not be suitable for the ring, and when necessary, you can go to the lower ring.

4, uterine perforation.For a long time, it will cause the nursery to embed the women’s uterine wall, which will cause the perforation of the uterine.

5. Allergies to the birth ring.Because each woman’s physical fitness is different, the adaptation of the health ring material is different.Therefore, some women have rash or skin itching after the ring.

What are the problems of women with rings?

1. In the first three days of the ring and the two weeks after the ring, the sexual life cannot be performed. During this period, the vaginal hygiene needs to be paid attention to.

2. You cannot take a bath after the ring. In this case, it will cause uterine cavity infection.

3. It is best to rest for two days after the ring. Do not do some relatively heavy physical work within a week, because this may lead to the falling of the rumor.In addition, the first month after the ring is going to the hospital to do a check to see if there is any problem.

4. Generally, the period of the upper section is three to seven days after menstruation. It is better to choose the next month after the next month.

5. If some allergies such as allergies appear after going to the ring must go to the hospital in time.

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