What are the dangers of women often masturbation?Doctor: If you don’t restrain it anymore, it may affect your life

Ms. Li is the general manager of a company. She has a successful career, but because of the busy work, she has neglected the development of personal feelings.In order to meet the physiological needs, Ms. Li can only solve it with hands.Two or two triggered gynecological diseases! Ms. Li can only come to the hospital for examination.

What is the harm of "hand with hand"?The doctor bluntly said: If it is not restrained, it may affect your life!

Let’s listen to the consequences and suggestions described by the doctor!

1. Trigger gynecological inflammation, and regret it too late

As we all know, our hands often touch all kinds of things in our work, and these things do not know how much bacteria are carried.

This has led to often masturbation to bring these bacteria into our bodies. Over time, not only the urinary system disorders, but also prone to triggering gynecological inflammation. Gynecological inflammation includes: cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.These will cause great harm to our body! It is too late to regret it at that time!

2. The fell fell, which is not conducive to life and work

Citizen Xiaomei used to masturbate, often suffering from fatigue and forgetfulness in daily life, and often appeared in the work to complete the work task at work.

Doctors believe that these errors have caused decline and inattention of her attention because she often masturbate, which will seriously affect Xiaomei’s life and work.

3. Style, bad psychological health

According to the survey, 75%of women who often masturbate have spiritual problems such as insomnia, nightmares, sleep, and palpitations.

It can be seen that often masturbation is not only good for physical health, but even affects psychological health.Doctors believe that psychological damage is often more difficult to heal than physical damage. Female friends must pay attention to this issue!

4. Caused a cold, affect the harmony of feelings

In biological research, there is a hormone level in human body, which often changes according to the physical condition of human beings.Frequent masturbation can lead to continuous changes in hormone levels in the body, which causes coldness, which is very serious!

Not only will it affect the physiological health of women, but it is also easy to affect the harmony of the future couple’s family feelings.The low sexual desire directly leads to sexual life pleasure and physical health after marriage.

5. Cause infertility and damage the body

Ms. Wang always wanted to have a child after marriage, but she couldn’t get pregnant.Ms. Wang and her husband hurried to the hospital for inspection. Only then did she know that Ms. Wang had always masturbated before she got married, which led to unsuccessful pregnancy.

Doctors believe that often masturbation will reduce women’s conception rate, and severe cases will lead to infertility! If women like children and women who want to have children, they must pay attention to this issue!Frequent masturbation not only damage the body, but also very likely to cause infertility!

1. Enrich life and improve life satisfaction

Female friends can plan some things in life, such as adding some travel times or participating in various activities.Make life enrich and make the body and spirit more satisfied.

This will greatly reduce the number of "hands" in physiological needs and ensure the health of our body and spirit.

2. Exercise, relieve stress

Frequent masturbation may sometimes because of the pressure of life and work. Female friends can plan some exercise projects, and insist on exercise in addition to daily leisure, let the body’s functions move, release all aspects of life and work in all aspects of life and work.pressure.

Exercise is not only conducive to physical health, but also can release stress to prevent girls often masturbate. Doctors think that this is the most effective prevention method at present. Everyone must listen!

3. Follow the doctor’s order and relax

Female friends can go to the relevant hospital for employment examination, follow the doctor’s order, and consciously quit the habit of masturbation.Or you can relax the mood by listening to music and seeing the book.

You can try to make a few more friends, promote the progress of emotional life, talk more with others, and relax your body and spirit. This will not always think about the problem of masturbation. This problem can also be restrained!

Doctors believe that often masturbation is not conducive to physical health and mental health, and must be restrained! If it is not restrained in time, it will cause the above consequences, and it will be very troublesome and even affect life!

For the future of female friends, everyone should try to restrain the problem of masturbation and listen to doctors’ suggestions.

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