What are the factors that cause dysmenorrhea?Have you recruited these reasons?

Dysmenorrhea is divided into secondary dysmenorrhea and primary dysmenorrhea, and the impact on women’s fertility is also determined by the condition.

Primary dysmenorrhea, also known as functional dysmenorrhea, refers to the dysmenorrhea of no genital organic lesions. It is common in adolescence. It often occurs within 1 to 2 years, accounting for about 90%of dysmenorrhea.

Primary dysmenorrhea may be related to the level of hormone in the body, and the specific reasons are unknown.Generally, there is no effect on fertility, but it is still necessary to be careful of stubborn primary dysmenorrhea into pathological dysmenorrhea and affect women’s conception.

Secondary dysmenorrhea, also known as pathological dysmenorrhea, is mostly caused by reproductive organs, which will affect fertility, such as uterine dysplasia, endocardiacosis, and endocrine abnormalities.

Flowing surgery, cervical stenosis or atresia, and uterine pouring after uterine can be blocked by the blood outflow, which prompts the endometrial fragments with menstrual blood flow. It can cause dysmenorrhea and infertility through multiple parts of the pelvic cavity through the fallopian tube.

What are the factors that cause dysmenorrhea?

Family history

If the mother has dysmenorrhea, the daughter is more likely to have dysmenorrhea.

envirnmental factor

Some industries or chemicals are strong, and gasoline and rubber irritating odors may have dysmenorrhea.

Bad habits

Sitting leads to poor circulation of qi and blood, poor menstrual blood operations, cold drinks, and smoking. Studies have found that dysmenorrhea is related to exposed tobacco environment, long -term in cold environment, and severe exercise, etc., which can easily cause dysmenorrhea.

The above factors can increase the risk of dysmenorrhea.

How to relieve dysmenorrhea?

People with mild dysmenorrhea can relieve dysmenorrhea when they pay attention to warmth, rest, and drink plenty of hot water. They can also use abdominal heating pads to improve the blood circulation of uterine muscles, or take a hot bath, which can also play a good thing.ease.

If dysmenorrhea is severe and affects normal work and go to school, you must go to the doctor in time.

In order to effectively relieve dysmenorrhea, it is recommended to exercise more, maintain emotional stability, quit smoking and drinking, pay attention to keep warm.If dysmenorrhea affects normal life, seek medical treatment in time, and improve symptoms.

Reminder: The above content only provides related health information, and cannot replace any personal medical diagnosis and treatment.

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