What are the fastest blood supplement for anemia for pregnant women?

I am a obstetrician and gynecologist. This year is the 13th year of my work. I have been working in obstetrics clinics in recent years. Most of them have been in contact with "big belly" pregnant women and "novice" mothers.

After watching a day of reception for a day, a total of 44 pregnant women who came to the birth checkup were visited. I read the "Mother and Child Health Manual" of each pregnant woman.There were 11 pregnant women who had been diagnosed with "iron deficiency anemia" in the third trimester, which accounted for 25%of the total number of people on the day.

Although this is only a random sample amount that day, it can also explain a big problem. Although "iron deficiency anemia" can be prevented well, many pregnant women will always fall into this big pit.

If one day, everyone’s familiarity with the "iron triangle" of iron supplementation can reach the level of drinking milk and calcium, then it means that our popular science work has been in a new level.

In addition to the job of obstetrics and gynecologists, in fact, I am still a registered nutritionist. As early as seven or eight years ago, I used to learn nutrition after work.It is particularly important for maternal women.

If a pregnant woman attaches importance to nutrition, in addition to the growth and development of the fetus in the stomach, it is good for the breastfeeding of postpartum mothers, children’s complementary foods, and children’s growth.Increase health quality.

The words are home, and then talk about the anemia of pregnant women. In clinical work, many pregnant women have questions. Why should anemia supplement iron?Is iron supplementation?

In fact, there are several types of anemia, and the most common is iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy. It can be reflected in the blood routine test form. Therefore, for such patients, iron supplementation is blood supplement.

In the outpatient work, when I took the test sheet to inform the pregnant woman that was about to be or had iron deficiency, the pregnant woman would then ask again, why does iron deficiency cause anemia?

I will tell her: "The substance that transported oxygen in the blood is hemoglobin, and the center of hemoglobin is iron. Without enough iron, there is not enough hemoglobin, so it cannot complete the effect of transportation of oxygen, and anemia will occur."

The problem of pregnant women will never stop there. She will say, "I used to be good before. Why are anemia now and what kind of crowd is prone to anemia?"

The answer is: "Pregnant women, infants, vegetarians, and some people with hemorrhagic diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, and gastrointestinal diseases are prone to anemia."

I have a patient because of too much menstrual flow, which has troubled her for several years. She often panic, weak, weak, pale, and not high. I often catch a cold, oral ulcers, and they are relatively cold.In fact, she was likely to be iron deficiency due to excessive menstruation before, but she was not serious about it before.

After pregnancy, as the number of fetuses increases, she needs to take more nutrients from her body, and her own nutritional conditions are not very good, and all the previous symptoms are getting more and more powerful.I gave her a blood test for blood tests. After the diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia, the medicine supplement+food supplement was available. In just two months, the whole person has a lot of energy. The previous symptoms are getting lighter and lighter.Continue to maintain the medication for 3 months, the resistance has gradually increased, and the fetal development is also normal. In the past, a wind blowing was fell, and now it is very healthy.

It was said that the treatment of patients with anemia just now is "medicine supplement+food supplement". Medication can be checked by obstetricians and regularly review, but food supplements require our pregnant women and family members to grasp themselves.

Since I am studying nutrition, I will take time to conduct one -on -one individualized guidance for pregnant women with anemia. First, I will learn about their recipes in detail. Tell them to be simpleEffective meal methods to improve the nutritional level during pregnancy.

For pregnant women with anemia, I will tell them in detail about the diet conditioning of anemia. Most of the pregnant women cooperate.In the process of taking medicine on time and active food supplements, the condition of anemia will be greatly improved, which can not only ensure the safety of maternal and infants, but also increase the importance of pregnant women and family members of nutrition.

The most concerned question is, what is the fastest blood supplement for anemia?The answer is the "Iron Triangle", which are animal blood products, animal liver and red meat. This type of food is "heme iron". The iron content is large and the absorption rate is high. It is a good choice for iron supplementation.

Red meat refers to pork, beef and lamb. The muscle color is darker, dark red, and is known as "red meat".

Regarding this "iron triangle" of blood, I have to tell pregnant women many times a day, because pregnant women with anemia need to be treated, and pregnant women who are not anemia should prevent anemia.

The 2016 version of "Chinese Resident Dietary Guidelines" also clearly states that in addition to consumption of animal viscera (including animal liver, animal blood products, etc.), in addition to iron, animal organs are also rich in fat -soluble vitamins, B vitamins, selenium and selenium and selenium andZinc, etc., supplement in moderation, can make up for the shortcomings of daily diet.

Pay attention to the amount of blood supplementing the "Iron Triangle". It should be eaten 50-100g of lean animal meat every day, and animal liver blood products can be 1-2 times a week. It is advisable to 25-50g each time.

In clinical work, when the pregnant woman is anemia or is about to be anemia, the mother -in -law, mother and other family members of pregnant women and pregnant women, the first reaction is not eating red meat, liver, and blood products, but jujube, cherry, cherry, cherry, cherry, cherry, cherry, cherry.Red beans, spinach, etc., then the question comes, can these foods supplement iron?

The answer is that the iron in such plant -based foods is difficult to be absorbed by human intestine. It is "non -heme iron", so it is not a good choice for iron supplement.

Nowadays, the cherry has not been listed in a large scale. Today, a anemia pregnant woman told me that listening to the pregnant woman in the group of pregnant women said that cherry treats anemia. Her husband bought a pound of cherry every day and had eaten three weeks.

I silently calculated it silently, and calculated it according to a pound of 50 yuan. It was more than a thousand yuan for 21 days, hey!It hurts, if we are in place for our obstetrician, although we cannot immediately make up the iron immediately, at least it will save the silver immediately, so, Mo Huer said again what it means "iron triangle".

Other pregnant women will learn some pregnancy through reading or the Internet, and then ask me a particularly good question. I will ask: "A doctor, I heard that vitamin C can promote iron absorption?"

First of all, I will praise the "homework" of pregnant women, and then tell her that she is right.anemia.

Vitamin C can also "supplement"+"food supplement". You can eat about 100mg of vitamin C tablets every day. At the same time, you are eating some fresh vegetables rich in vitamin C such as tomatoes, big heads, broccoli, spinach, rape, green pepper, orange, kiwi, etc.Fruits, vegetables at least one pound a day, you can also eat more. You must choose dark vegetables. The fruits must be controlled. You can only take about half a catty per day.

Generally speaking of this, pregnant women are already very clear and clearly cope with anemia. The last step is the most important step. It is to implement the knowledge learned on the table.Anemia, ensuring the purpose of pregnant women and fetal health.

After knowing the "routine" of iron supplementation, the recommended recipe is simply a large amount, that is, the strong combination of blood supplement "iron triangle"+"vitamin C", such as pork liver fried green peppers, tomatoes stewed beef, cumin mutton round green onions, Cabbage Lean Soup, Duck Blood Rape Rape Fan Soup, Garlic Bloody Sausage …

The picture below is the "blood supplement" I have made before

Finally, a warm reminder to pregnant women friends, try to choose lean meat as much as possible when eating meat, and maintain good pregnancy weight during pregnancy.

Do not over -process animal liver when making. Try to simply cook as much as possible to dip the garlic sauce, the tip of the liver, and spinach pork liver soup to avoid the loss of nutrients.

Well, let ’s talk about the topic of the anemia during pregnancy today. I am a obstetrician and gynecologist/registered nutritionist Ren Hongye. Regarding diet and nutrition during pregnancy, we will be launched in the future. Everyone can leave a message in this article.

This article is very long, thank you for seeing the last you ~

I hope you will give birth to a healthy, smart baby, please see you next time ~

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