What are the hazards if there are intercourse too early?How old is it?Don’t be ashamed to understand

Many students have been educated by teachers and parents since they were young. Don’t fall in love or fall in love.

However, few families will tell their children why they can’t fall in love early, and many children are inevitably rebellious during adolescence, so they have a situation of "stealing forbidden fruit".

In fact, this really can’t blame the children.The psychological development of young people in the developmental period, they can’t understand why adults can fall in love with children but can’t.

At this time, you need to make detailed popular science for the children. Ashamed to enlighten the teeth, it will only make more and more young people ignorant.

Many young men and girls will be curious about the opposite sex in their adolescence, throbbing, and even physiological reactions. This is normal and should not feel shameful and inferior.

Because people are originally attracting bisexuals, and joint reproduction of future generations is the prerequisite for human survival and development.

However, why do teachers’ parents clearly ban students from falling in love with early love?

There are two reasons.

First of all, early love will make boys and girls feel good about each other and want to be close. Further contact will lead to the beginning of sexual life. Premature sexual life is not good for people’s growth and development.

Before the age of 18, the human body was always in the stage of development, and the sexual organs were not mature.

If sexual life occurs at this time, it will not only cause damage to both sexual organs on both parties, but may even delay growth or even be unable to give birth.

Another reason is that the young people have no clear understanding of love, let alone what responsibility is.

If the other party feels good and causes further development, it is likely to break up due to the reasons such as quarrels and external pressure, which cannot last long.

The most worthwhile thing in life is that when you are wrong, you encounter the right person, and then you will be missed.

This is why you do n’t need to love early. According to the survey, the chance of early love broke up is as high as 85%, so even if you do n’t choose a hasty early love.

Therefore, if you have the idea of loving someone when you are young, the best way is to accumulate favors, and then wait. When the two sides are psychological and physiological, they will be brave to enjoy love.

This is not only good for the health of both husband and wife, but also makes love last long.

First of all, it is important to emphasize that premature experience, that is, sexual life, will cause damage to both men and women.

Adolescent girls and girls are still developing. If sexual activities are carried out at this time, the sexual organs are not yet mature, which will lead to dysplasia.

For girls, premature participation in sexual life will lead to irregular menstruation or even amenorrhea.

In severe cases, vaginal damage and uterine damage will occur. These harms are irreversible, and in severe cases, it will affect fertility.

For boys, going too early to participate in sexual life will cause reproductive organs to be damaged and even stop growth.

And if it is frightened in sexual life, the chance of impotence is much higher than that of adults, and it may also be higher if it cannot be born.

Starting sex too early, there is a psychological effect for boys and girls.

Because of the lack of sexual knowledge, many boys do not choose to wear a sleeve for the first time, which has led to a great increase in the chance of girls’ accidents.

For young men and women, if unexpected pregnancy occurs, then there are generally choosing abortion or finding parents to find a way to leave their children.

In the life that has not developed in the body, it is likely to have malformations or difficulty in giving birth.

This means that if abortion, it will cause irreversible permanent damage to the girl’s uterus.If you leave your child, your child is likely to be unable to grow up healthily.

And the young men and women are still children themselves. How can they bear the heavy responsibility of raising children?

The above situation is better.Many young boys and girls do not pay attention to their partners’ choices in order to experience sexual life, and even say that it is common to change partners often.

These behaviors are often the most dangerous because they cannot determine whether the partner is healthy.

If you don’t pay attention to sexual life and sexual life, it is easy to infect AIDS.

The terrible part of AIDS is that it cannot be cured, which will bring endless torture to the patient until the patient dies.Therefore, it is very important to cherish yourself.

Another point is to remind women that if women have prematurely develop sexual life, the chance of suffering from HPV will be much higher than ordinary people.

Including cervical cancer, uterine fibroids and other diseases will follow.

That’s right, women are more fragile than men.

Because women’s reproductive organs are more sensitive and more likely to be infringed by bacteria, they need to pay more attention.

And premature sexual life will destroy the immune system of women’s reproductive organs, leading to women’s infectious gynecological diseases.

Therefore, women must protect themselves and learn to refuse.

And if the premature sex life and accidental pregnancy, abortion will only cause harm to women, which is cruel, but it cannot be denied.

The damage to the uterus is irreversible, and it will accelerate the aging of women, so it must be avoided.

Not only that, premature sex life also has a more terrible impact on the teenagers.

Many boys have sexual addiction, thus browsing the yellow website and constantly trying novelty life, which eventually leads to the stopping of sexual organs, causing premature ejaculation, and even impotence.

The premature sex life will also have a psychological impact on both sides.

Because the teenagers of "stolen food" are often impulsive, they are not very prepared. However, they will cause discomfort during the process of sex, and then they will feel regret and fear.

First of all, psychological nervousness will cause pressure.

If teenagers have sex, they cannot choose a comfortable environment.

If sexual behaviors are afraid of being found, it is easy to cause pressure, causing boys to ejaculate and pain in girls.

And premature life life of adolescents will affect intelligence.

If you have sexual addiction and indulge in yellow films, it will greatly stimulate the cerebral cortex, leading to damage to the development of the cerebral cortex, which will lead to the decline in IQ, the inability to concentrate, and affect future development.

From a physiological perspective, people are really developing completely at the age of 18.

However, psychologically, people can better be responsible for the other half after completing their studies and enjoy the true beauty of love.

Therefore, it is recommended to be around 20 years old, and sexual behavior will be better after marriage.

Because at this time, people’s minds are mature and stable, they have longing for love, responsible and responsible, and they are more willing to develop with the other half for a long time, and their bodies can also maintain health while enjoying sexual life.

Regardless of whether boys or girls, they should not have sex before the age of 18, because immature reproductive organs can cause disease breeding.

And contraception is very important.If girls have a miscarriage, they will cause harm to the uterus and cause premature failure.

And it is not that you can have sex at the age of 20. Sexual partners must be dedicated, and those who refuse to bring AIDS.

In sexual behavior before marriage, a condom must be adopted to avoid the spread of the disease.

It should be noted that women will begin to appear menstruation around the age of eleven to sixteen, which is normal.

Women’s genitals will gradually mature, and ovarian ovulation begins, which means that sexual life leads to a very high chance of pregnancy.

Therefore, if a boy really loves a girl, he should protect the other party. Try not to have sex before marriage.

For women, please remember that those who really love you should protect you, rather than ask for sexual life to satisfy their desires.

If you really want to have a pre -marital sex life, you must wear a condom.

Because contraceptives have great damage to women, long -term use of contraceptives can cause menstrual disorders or even amenorrhea, and abdominal pain and bleeding are also commonplace.

Normally menopause should be after 45 years old, and premature sexual life and long -term taking contraceptive pills will lead to advance this time.

The early menopause means that the aging follows, and it is no longer beautiful, and aging may occur at a young age.

Therefore, premature sexual life will bring irreparable harm to both men and women, especially girls.

This must be acknowledged. In the premature starting sex life, the risk of girls be far greater than that of boys, so ask boys to learn to respect and girls learn to refuse.

To continue development, human beings must be sexual life.

And a healthy and reasonable sex life is also benefited from both men and women. So what are the benefits of enjoying the appropriate sexual life after the appropriate age (after 20 years of age)?

First of all, sexual life can keep people energetic and younger.

For both men and women, the sexual life of both love can allow estrogen androgen to better secrete and metabolize, thereby stabilizing the state of the human body and full of vitality.

Then, proper sexual life can also increase muscle strength.

A pleasant sexual life can make the provincial -level amino -polyphenols of human beings, ensure relaxation of the body, resolve stress and anxiety, and increase the muscle strength of men. It can also enhance the strength of the pelvic muscles and avoid leakage of urine.

Also, breeding offspring.

Proper sexual life is an indispensable part of breeding new life, and children are also lubricants for parental relationships.With a baby may make the family more harmonious, and to some extent enhance happiness.

Another point is to improve sleep conditions and improve sleep quality.

Studies abroad have stated that they will sleep more in a lover.

Similarly, after a pleasant and appropriate sex life, the speed of sleep will be faster and sleeping more fragrant.

Finally, a reasonable sexual life can also make both men and women healthier.

For women, proper sexual life can regulate menstruation and reduce menstrual abdominal pain, but during menstruation, it must not be sexual life, otherwise it will cause major bleeding and other conditions, which will endanger health.

A moderate amount of sexual life can reduce prostate pressure for men and prevent lesions of prostate to a certain extent.

Studies have stated that men’s regular sexual life is also conducive to reducing the chance of cardiovascular disease, and sperm quality has also been improved.

Therefore, sexual life is indeed good, and this is just for adults.For teenagers who have not yet developed, the damage to the body is irreparable in a lifetime.

And psychological aspects will affect people’s life to a great extent.

Men need to respect and protect women from elementary school, so this is true love.

Teenagers can have the idea of love, but must be restrained because long -term development is inseparable from mature body and strong sense of responsibility.

I hope that all parents can teach their son how to love someone correctly.

For girls, premature sexual behaviors have more effects than boys.

Monthly dysmenorrhea, accompanying diseases, and long -term infertility are enough to destroy a woman’s life.

Therefore, the girls must refuse any excuses sex and protect themselves.

The teenage period is undoubtedly the most dynamic period in people’s life, just like flowers have just opened, beautiful but fragile.

The immatureness of young people in this period can be curious.This requires schools and parents to work together.

The way to prevent "stealing food forbidden fruit" is never to avoid talking, but to let children know what sex, how to complete, and why they can’t participate in sexual life now.

And understanding that love is a sense of responsibility, a lifetime thing, and eager to cause permanent damage to both parties.

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