What are the items for delivery during pregnancy?What do you need to pay attention to?Teach you to find out 13 conventional production inspections in 1 minute

Many expectant mothers want to know what projects are available and what issues need to pay attention to.

Especially the new prospective mothers who have just discovered pregnancy, after being happy, there will be questions: Is my baby healthy?When should I go to the hospital for examination?

Don’t worry, don’t worry, take your time——

The first step of pregnancy: Calculate the gestational week

After pregnancy, you often need to use the concept of pregnancy.When you go to the hospital, you will talk about it; you will ask if you chat with other expectant mothers; you will also be displayed in the Yue Academy APP.

For example, "12 weeks of pregnancy +1 days".The meaning of this value is that it has been pregnant for 12 weeks and exceeded 1 day, and is in 13 weeks of pregnancy.(Based on this calculation of your pregnancy week)

Discovering the second step: confirm the examination

Many expectant mothers found that pregnancy was tested by her early pregnancy test strips or pregnancy test sticks.Xiaobian suggested that you go to the hospital to confirm as soon as possible.why?

Because doctors can help you initially understand your pregnancy status, such as the values of progesterone, estrogen and HCG levels, and problems such as ectopic pregnancy and threatened abortion.These are important for the health of mothers and babies.

Step 3 in pregnancy: Preliminary checkup

Generally speaking, the first conventional production inspection was performed at 8-12 weeks of pregnancy at 8-12 weeks of pregnancy.

Some hospitals can be carried out together and the initial checkup can be carried out together, and some hospitals need to build files in advance. In this regard, expectant mothers need to confirm according to the hospital they choose.

In which hospital is usually built, it means to have a baby in which hospital.Therefore, everyone is better to do their homework in advance and ask the mothers who have given birth to babies to decide.

Finally, it is said that "13 conventional production inspections in 1 minute"

From 12 weeks to 40 weeks, most expectant mothers have undergone 13 conventional production inspections.The time and main items of the inspection are as follows:

Usually, the specific arrangement is subject to the production inspection hospital.

Sure enough, let’s finish watching it in one minute.

Everyone must say "too little, there is no detailed one", Xiaobian knows, but there are a lot of detailed content. This article can’t be put at all, so hurry up and see your exclusive checkup schedule ~

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