What are the main points of using pregnancy test sticks?

The accuracy of domestic pregnancy test sticks is as high as 99%, and the accuracy of the accuracy of pregnancy testing in the urine test in the hospital is the same.Home pregnancy tests are available in most pharmacies, and do not need to be prescribed by doctors.One of the advantages of this test method is that you have more privacy and flexibility.You only need to take a few minutes in any bathroom to get results.

Family pregnancy testing methods only need to drip urine on the pregnancy test stick containing chemicals may be placed in the urine. This method is mainly to test a human villin gonadotropin (HCG).Pregnancy hormone.This hormone is secreted by the placenta after pregnancy.This hormone involves the manifestation of pregnancy, such as chest swelling and disgust.Usually, the level of human fluffy glandular hormone can be detected in urine after ten days of conception.But if you test within ten days after conception, you may get the result of no conception, but it is actually pregnant.

When you adopt a family pregnancy test method, pay attention to the following:

Try to use the first morning urine for examination, because the level of hormones at this time is the easiest to find out.

Do not drink too much water to add urine, because this will dilute the level of hormones.

Before starting the inspection, carefully read the clarification letter, and accurately do it according to each process.

Some drugs may affect the results of the test, so you must read the tags carefully.

In addition, if it is an abnormal pregnancy, the HCG level may be very low, so it cannot be detected by the pregnancy test stick.If you want to admit the results of the examination, you must look at the doctor.

You can judge pregnancy without test sticks

1. Menstruation stops.Women with menstrual rules usually have to think of whether they are pregnant once menstruation stops.If the moon does not come for 10 days, it should be suspected of being pregnant.If the moon does not come after 30 days, it should be highly doubtful.At least you should go to the hospital for examination.

2. Nipple tenderness and breast pain.This is often one of the earliest feelings of the first pregnant woman.At this time, the color of the woman’s nipples and areola will be deepened.

3. Early pregnancy reaction.Such as pregnancy vomiting (dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, loss of appetite, sour food, nausea and nausea, vomiting, and vomiting are the most obvious in the morning, so it is also called morning vomiting).

4. Increased urination times.This is why the uterine enlargement is oppressed to the bladder.

After 14 days of sexual life, if you find that the above physical changes are found, you can buy early pregnancy test paper or test stick for testing. You can also go to the hospital to pass the blood test or pass the B-ultrasound after 7-12 days after conception.

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