What are the precautions of cervical polyps on women’s conception?

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Cervical polyps are a type of chronic cervicitis, which is more common among married women.The polyps from the cervical mucosa have a layer of cylindrical epithelium on the surface and rich in micro blood vessels, so the color is bright red and soft and fragile.Gently touching will bleed, so that infections often cause ulcers.So, does cervical polyps affect women’s pregnancy?

Cervical polyps have a great impact on women’s conception, and will also cause the following hazards:

1. Cervical polyps can cause sexual bleeding and affect sexual life.

2. Although cervical polyps are rare on cancer, the cancerous rate is also 0, 2%~ 0, 4%. For age who are over 45 years old, especially those who have cervical polyps before and after menopausal, polyps should be sent to pathological examination after surgical resectionIf there are signs of evil change, treatment measures should be taken as soon as possible.

3. If the cervical polyps are not treated, you can grow up, block the cervix mouth, or the polyps just block at the cervix mouth, which can make the cervix stenosis or the cervix duct deformation, which hinders the normal upward of the sperm affect pregnancy.

What are the precautions for treating cervical polyps?

1. Before the treatment of it, the medical treatment should be controlled. Before the cervical polyps are formally treated, the hemostasis should be stopped and the infection is controlled to avoid the infection of the pathogenic bacteria.

2. Women should maintain local hygiene and then control the condition.In daily life, we should also pay attention to preventing the hygiene of the genitals and sexual life, and avoid vaginitis and cervicitis.

3. After treatment, it is also necessary to review it on a regular basis. After removal surgery, the polyps should be sent for pathological examinations after the cervical polyps. If there is signs of evil changes, a reasonable treatment plan will also be given, mainly because cervical polyps can be cancer.

4. If you want to treat cervical polyps, it is forbidden to take medicine by yourself.When cervical polyps occur, the better method is to remove the polyps slightly, so as to treat it.Drugs are just auxiliary means that cannot be effective together.

5. Treatment of treatment must be treated in a timely manner. Cervical polyps will not only affect pregnancy, but also have some effects on childbirth. Therefore, whether it is to be born or conceived immediately, the timing must be treated with cervical polyps.

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