What are the reasons for infertility under the study of traditional Chinese and western medicine?How to treat it?

In today’s society, due to the increasing pressure of life and work, natural and social living environment is becoming increasingly changing, and the changes in diet structure have become increasingly affecting the physical and mental health of women in the age of childbearing age, causing infertility, and infertility.Pay attention to a type of disease about human reproductive health.

Although infertility does not seriously endanger the life of women in childcare, it is directly related to the physical and mental health of individuals, which can cause family and social conflicts, and even affect the stability of the family and the unity of society.

Therefore, it is particularly important to explore the efficient method of treating infertility. From the perspective of Chinese and Western medicine, we should conduct in -depth research on infertility and summarize the laws of cure.Scientific dialectical ideas and governance.

Women in childbearing age have normal sexual life for 1 year, and their spouse’s reproductive function is normal. No contraceptive measures are not pregnant, which is called infertility.

According to whether women have had a pregnancy history period, they can divide infertility into two categories: primary infertility and secondary infertility. Among them, no contraceptive measures are used and there is never pregnancy.And no longer pregnancy after pregnancy is secondary infertility.

Due to the influence of traditional concepts and humanities, infertility plagues many patients and families and their families, which makes women with childcare afford huge psychological burdens and pressures, which can easily cause psychological health problems. In serious casesIt may affect the friendship and harmony of the family and the stability of society.

With the promulgation and implementation of China’s three -child policy, the policy has promoted the willingness of national fertility, making the problem of reproductive health continue to become a hot topic, and it has also attracted more and more attention from the whole society.

The causes of infertility are complicated and there are many potential harm. Therefore, in -depth research on the treatment of infertility in Chinese and Western medicine has very important medical value and social significance.

According to the basis of traditional Chinese medicine, infertility is attributed to the category of "no children, omnidirectional, and breaking,".

"Zhou Yi" first recorded the name of infertility diseases, that is, "women who are three years old"; in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the "Yellow Emperor Inner Classic" explained the pregnancy mechanism.

When the body’s kidney qi is full, the Tiangui arrives, and the second pulse is supported, so that the women’s moon can come on time.

During the Qin and Han dynasties, "Shen Nong’s Materia Medica" pointed out that the evil of the wind and cold can block the cells, which affects the women’s conception. During the Western Jin Dynasty, the blood stasis in "Acupuncture A Book" could lead to infertility.If the sentiment is not smooth, the rushing is not solid, and the fetus is not conceived.

There is no advantageous follicles in the ovaries. Most of them are due to insufficient kidney essence, which makes the follicles develop slowly, and the lack of kidney yang is unable to promote it, which makes it difficult for follicles to lock normally.

The infertility caused by the polycystic ovary syndrome is mostly due to kidney deficiency, phlegm dampness, liver stagnation, qi stagnation, blood stasis, etc. The body’s kidney yang is weak, spleen deficiency phlegm and dampness, qi stagnation and blood stasis can cause imbalance and infertilityEssence

Kidney yang deficiency fails, it cannot be transformed into sperm blood, so that the second pulse is imbalanced and cannot support the cell palace, and the deficiency of kidney yang will also cause the spleen to lose health.Infertility.

Therefore, when the kidney essence is deficient, it will be weak; if the body is sad and depressed and the liver is lost, it cannot be supported by each other;If it does not work; if the spleen is lost in Jianye, the wet gathers into sputum, which will affect the pregnancy.

Cycle therapy can be used for dialectical treatment. The menstrual period uses angelica, Chuanxiong, safflower, etc. as the main medicine during menstruation.

In the later period, the main medicines were used to nourish yin and blood, which nourished yin and blood. After the early stage, the main medicine was used with tritinal and Curcuma to promote the normal discharge of the eggs.

In the early stage, the main medicine was used in the early stage, the wolfberry, the 淫 经, and the cooked ground yellow, and the two were dual -supplemented by yin and yang.Or use the sub -soup to treat qi stagnation and blood stasis infertility.Yanhu Mo, Xiangfu, and Shell, to relieve qi and qi and relieve depression.Infertility caused by the use of kidney and blood circulation and removing blood stasis method has a good clinical efficacy caused by the polycystic ovary syndrome. Among them, kidney -filled drugs can increase the supply of blood in the uterine, nutrient endometrium, and is conducive to embryo bed.

Nourishing Yin -nourishing drugs can activate female and progesterone receptors; promoting blood circulation and removing stasis drugs can improve endometrial tolerance.

Therefore, if the kidney qi is insufficient, it will nourish the kidney qi and regulate it.To relieve the liver and relieve depression, treat qi to help pregnancy.

Traditional Chinese medicine enema is to directly affect the traditional Chinese medicine to the rectum, so that the mucous membrane is absorbed to promote the direct disease.

The uterine injection is a certain concentration of traditional Chinese medicine preparations under routine disinfection, so that the body’s local body maintains a higher concentration of drug content and achieves the purpose of anti -inflammatory sterilization.

Acupuncture therapy stimulates acupoints, dredge the meridians, reconcile qi and blood, and adjust the internal organs, yin and yang; acupuncture presses to the end of the drug, and apply it to the acupuncture points by making a paste, a ball agent and other dosage forms;Massage the abdomen to clear the local meridians of the body.

Emotional is also a key element that leads to infertility, and the heart and kidney should be cured.

Related studies have shown that the enema with acupuncture and acupuncture acupuncture points has obvious clinical efficacy; external application of heat and hematological hemorrhage and laparoscopic surgery to treat fallopian tube infertility, which can clearly restore the fluidity of fallopian tubes.

The method of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing heat and dampness, supplemented by medicine residue and vinegar heat compress, and infrared physiotherapy, achieved good clinical efficacy; peach red Siwu soup fumigated the abdomen, which can improve endometrial tolerance and clinical clinical clinical.Pregnancy rate.

Traditional Chinese medicine and external treatment can avoid adverse gastrointestinal reactions, and have the advantages of convenient operation and outstanding curative effect.

Therefore, the complementary cooperation of traditional Chinese medicine and external treatment can achieve the purpose of clinical treatment of this disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the cause of this disease is closely related to kidney, liver, and spleen. It is based on kidney deficiency, and has different degrees of liver stagnation, blood stasis, phlegm dampness.Differential liver relief, blood circulation and blood stasis, phlegm and dampness, etc.

It can not only promote the growth and development of eggs, but also improve the circulation of uterine and ovarian blood, regulate the thickness of the endometrium, improve the micro -circulation of the cells, improve the endometrium tolerance, and then help improve the pregnancy rate.

1. The cause of infertility in Western medicine

Chronic fallopian tubeitis triggers the end lock of the fallopian tube umbrella, or the fallopian tube mucosa is severely damaged, causing the fallopian tube to form an occlusion and water accumulation.

Pelvic adhesion, endometriosis, etc. can cause dense adhesion to the body. The endometrium of the pathogen can make the fertilized eggs not easy to bed, and the uterine fibroids can compress the ovation tube entrance.

Genital tumors can cause persistent ovulation and abnormal reproductive tract, such as saddle -shaped uterus and congenital fallopian tube malformations, which can affect women’s pregnancy.

2. Ovulation disorders

Continuous ovulation, polycystic ovary syndrome, ovarian functional failure, congenital gonad dysplasia, high prolactin ledis, unlimited follicle lutein syndrome, etc. These causes can cause dysfunction of hypothalamic pituitary ovarian reproductive shafts, which affects the normal follicles of the follicles.The growth, maturity, and normal discharge of eggs.

Related studies have shown that the infertility caused by endometriosis is closely related to the body’s immune system, but the pathogenesis of infertility caused by immune factors is not very clear.Immune antibody.

3. How to treat infertility in western medicine

General therapy, young couples with normal semen indicators and women with good ovarian function and less than 3 years of infertility time can first expect the treatment and cooperate with Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation.

For the obstruction and adhesion of different parts, fallopian tube plastic surgery can be performed under the laparoscopy.

Ovarian tumors are not clear about the nature of ovarian lumps. If necessary, surgical detection, and perform pathological analysis, and consider whether to retain fertility surgery according to the results.

Uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps, etc. Destroy the intrauterine environment, can be removed in laparoscopic surgery. For patients with ovarian function, it is recommended to consider surgery carefully.

At the activity period, anti -tuberculosis should be first treated, and contraceptive measures are strictly taken during the medication period.

If the pelvic tuberculosis affects the fallopian tubes and endometrium, clinically it is recommended to use auxiliary reproductive technology to help pregnancy.

In addition, ovulation can also be induced. The combination of clotal, dexamin, and pituitary estrogen receptor can produce estrogen, which can induce the natural secretion of intrinsic adenoprophic hormones in the body, thereby promoting the normal growth and development of follicles.It is suitable for patients with certain estrogen levels in the body.

The physiological structure of velvet promotion is extremely similar to the lutein gogen (LH), and it is also often used to simulate the peak of the body’s endogenous LH, which stimulates the mature division of oval cells and promotes ovulation.

When the urine is used, the vaginal ultrasonic and estrogen detection should be used to monitor the growth of follicles. After the follicles are mature, the internal muscle injection of HCG will be injected to promote normal ovulation and luteal production.

In terms of immunotherapy, the main measures include condoms isolation and immunosuppressive agents.

Acetic acid isthyl is a commonly used immunosuppressive agent that can reduce abnormal immune response in the body. However, when it is simply adopted, the clinical effect is not good, and it is easy to cause adverse reactions. It should be supplemented by vitamin therapy, thereby increasing antibody to yin rate.

Aspirin can increase the local blood circulation in the uterine cavity, help improve the endometrium tolerance, and the couple should adopt contraception strictly during treatment, try to avoid sperm to prevent the immune system again and form new antibodies.

When the clinical efficacy is not obvious, it is recommended to use AI, that is, the optimized sperm is injected into the uterine cavity, or the IVF-ET is used to cultivate in vitro embryos to transplant the high-quality embryo into the uterine cavity.

Western medicine believes that this disease is mostly caused by abnormalities in the pelvic cavity, ovulation dysfunction, and immune factors. It is often treated with surgical surgery, ovulation -promoting drugs, immunosuppressants, and human assisted reproductive technology.

Western medicine can increase the ovulation rate, but the basic promotional drugs generally occur with antibody -like signs, which will affect the endometrium tolerance, resulting in a lower pregnancy rate, and at the same time, it will also cause adverse reactions such as multi -fetal and ovarian stimulation.

Surgery and human assisted reproductive technology have the advantages of intuitive and minimally invasive, but it also easily triggers pelvic adhesion. Because of its high price, it has a heavy economic burden on patients and their families.

In summary, the cause of infertility is more complicated, and there are many clinical treatment methods for this disease. Chinese and Western medicine have their own advantages and deficiencies.

Due to the overall conditioning of Chinese medicine, most of the cases have not been effective in western medicine; and western medicines have problems such as over -stimulation of ovarian stimulation to produce multiple pregnancy and ovulation -promoting drugs on embryonic effects.

If the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, from the treatment of kidney, liver, and spleen, not only can improve endometrial tolerance, reduce the side effects of western drug poison, and shorten Chinese medicine treatment, but also make up for the negative negatives brought by traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine treatment.Influence.

Patients are more easy to accept, and at the same time give corresponding psychological support, so as to achieve significant clinical efficacy and further improve the current situation of female infertility in childbearing age.

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