What are the reasons for not seeing the fetal heart of fetal buds 50 days during pregnancy?Talk about how to care for 50 days of pregnancy

The sister -in -law has been pregnant for more than 50 days, but when the sister -in -law was doing a B -ultrasound, there was no fetal buds. The colleagues of the sister -in -law were about 50 days of pregnancy.The fetus was accidentally.Therefore, these days, the sister -in -law is always nervous, and the temper is particularly irritable. He will make a noise with his brother every day. This makes our whole family be in a tense atmosphere.The cause of fetal buds, how to care for 50 days of pregnancy?

1. Under normal circumstances, the fetal buds and fetal hearts will appear in about 50 days. If the fetal fetal heart is not detected during the B -ultrasound examination, it may be because of the late bed.The heart time does not exceed 63 days, so after this situation occurs, you should wait for 63 days to go to the hospital for review. When reviewing, if there is still no fetal buds, you should terminate your pregnancy according to the doctor’s suggestion.

2. When you are pregnant for 50 days, you must maintain a comfortable mood. Good mood is good for your health and the growth of the fetus. If the pregnant woman is often nervous, it is likely to cause abortion.If you encounter unpleasant things, you must communicate with your family in time and discuss it. Do not lose your temper.

3. Female friends must prohibit sexual life in the first three months and three months after pregnancy. When sexual life, it will speed up work, which can easily cause miscarriage.Also, you must pay attention to your own hygiene. You should use warm water to clean your private parts every night, and replace the underwear in time. After the underwear is washed, put it in the sun and expose it to the sun. This can completely kill the bacteria.

Pay attention to female friends who must go to the hospital in time after discovering that they are pregnant.Also, after pregnancy, do not work hard to avoid affecting the growth and development of the fetus.After discovering your physical discomfort, you should go to the hospital for hospitalization in time, so as to prevent the fetus from accidents.

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