What are the symptoms of maternal and children’s "yang" should seek medical treatment in time?Chongqing three major hospitals answered

On December 14, the Office of the Chongqing Municipal Health and Health Commission issued the "Guidelines for the Health Guidelines of the New Crown Prevention and Treatment of Chinese Medicine in Chongqing (first edition)".Infertility, such as severe heart, liver, lung, kidney, brain and other important organs, infected people who need to be hospitalized for hospitalization are recommended. It is recommended to use home methods for isolation observation.

But what are the symptoms of maternal and children and other special groups should seek medical treatment in time?Who should call 120 in time?In this regard, Chongqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Chongqing Medical University Children’s Hospital, and Chongqing Emergency Medical Center are answered.

There are 6 cases of pregnant women go to the hospital for treatment

Wang Lan, head of the Ministry of Preparation and Chief Physician of Chongqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, introduced that in general, the infection rate of pregnant women and ordinary people is close; the ratio of symptoms is also close to ordinary people;Dry, cough, runny nose, sore body, fever, etc. usually improve in three or four days, about seven days and a course of disease.

Wang Lan said that pregnant women themselves are not high -risk people, but because they involve fetal safety problems, it is a special population and a key group of new crown virus infections. Especially for pregnant women with basic diseases and pregnancy complications/complications, they need to pay more attention.There are currently no exact drugs to prevent new coronal viruses, so it is more important to pay attention to personal protection.

Wang Lan believes that there is no problem with most of the homes’ homes that are not asymptomatic or mild after infection with new coronary viruses. Most of the symptoms of upper respiratory tract do not require too much treatment.However, the following six cases occur, and hurry to go to the hospital: the body temperature continues to be higher than 38.5 ° C or the heart rate continues to increase by more than 3 days; it can not eat or diarrhea for more than 2 days;The disease is significantly worsen; headache, dizziness, heart panic, suffering, abdominal pain, abnormal fetal movement, vaginal bleeding, etc.; Oxygen saturation is less than 95.

How to use medicine after pregnant women infected with new crowns?Wang Lan said that if the body temperature is less than 38 ° C and there is no obvious discomfort symptoms, generally do not need to use antipyretic drugs, mainly physical cooling, such as antipyretic stickers, warm water wipe baths, etc.If the body temperature is greater than or equal to 38.5 ° C, and the physical cooling method is not ideal, when the doctor’s guidance does need to use antipyretic drugs, for pregnant women, acetamin is the safest heating drug, remember to choose a single component to acetaminophenol, Do not use compound preparations for acetaminols, such as compound compound acetylphenol tablets (dissipation, scattered pain, etc.) or other compound cold medicines containing acetylphenol.During breastfeeding, acetaminol and ibuprofen are relatively safer drugs.In addition to antipyretic effects, symptoms such as sore pain, headache, and muscle pain can also be relieved.Acetaminol and ibuprofen cannot be taken at the same time, and it is not recommended to alternately take acetaminols with ibuprofen.

Wang Lan said that antipyretic drugs are only recommended for short -term use and cannot be taken excessive.The interval between the two medicines should not be less than 4 to 6 hours, and it cannot exceed 4 times within 24 hours.It is recommended to see the consultation in time for continuous high fever.Although there are controversy, for pregnant women, if the temperature is at high fever (≥38.5 ° C) for a long time, there may be risks such as teratogenic, abortion, and fetal central nervous nervous development.

Parents should closely observe their children’s mental conditions and monitor their temperature

Professor Xu Hongmei, director of the Department of Infectious Science, Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing Medical University, introduced that after children infected with new coronal viruses, mild symptoms were mostly infected with upper respiratory tract.wait.Judging from the current hospital consultation, there are many children who have fever.

Xu Hongmei said that if the child is asymptomatic or mild after the new coronal virus is infected with the new coronary virus, it is recommended to be isolated and treated at home.Parents should closely observe their children’s mental state, monitor body temperature, and pay attention to their condition changes.The fever usually lasts for 2 to 3 days, and the spirit improves after the fever.

Xu Hongmei said that after children infected with new coronal viruses, parents should not be too panic and anxiety, but they need to observe changes in the condition.If the child’s temperature is high, the fever can be taken. Children over February choose to use acetaminol, and children over 6 months choose ibuprofen or acetaminol to choose them.It is recommended not to use two antipyretics at the same time.The antipyretic drugs are generally once every 6 hours. If the next time he fever is high, there will be high fever, and another antipyretic medicine can be used.Drug cooling can also help physical cooling, wipe the child’s neck, armpit, and thigh roots with warm water.In addition, take more rest and drink plenty of water.Observe the spiritual situation of the child after the fever and degenerate thermal drug.When children are hot, they usually have a bad spirit. After the refusal thermal drugs cool down, if the spirit improves, continue to observe; if the spirit is still not good, please go to the hospital for treatment.Children with basic diseases and infants under March should go to the hospital for treatment.

Emergency situations in patients with urgency and critical illnesses can directly dial 120 for help

Recently, the number of call volume of the 120 emergency telephone number in Chongqing has increased sharply.The reason for expert analysis is: First, the call peak of the 120 emergency telephone every year is the peak period of the 120 emergency telephone; second, many new crowns have recently been asymptomatic and mild patients in charge for fever and car.

Cai Pingjun, former director of the emergency department of Chongqing Emergency Medical Center, said that 120 is a liver hotline for patients with critical illness, and the acceptance ability is limited.He called for the new crown, asymptomatic, mild patients and other people, non -emergency 120 emergency calls, and assisted as much as possible to maintain the unblocked 120 life hotline, leaving emergency resources to the most needed critical patients.Cai Pingjun suggested that new crown -free, mild patients can perform health monitoring at home or go to a popular nepatum, community health service centers, township health centers and telephone consultations at nearby hospitals. There is no need to dial 120.

Cai Pingjun reminded that patients with acute and critical illnesses, including patients with new coronary, are in emergencies, and can directly call 120 for help if there is an emergency outside the hospital.When dialing 120, please keep calm, clear, concise, and easy to understand, and make clear the main symptoms or injuries and injuries of the patient.Please be clear about the specific location of the patient’s residence or the accident (a house number, a certain district, a certain district, and a certain area in a certain district).EssenceAt the same time, try to arrange people to take the ambulance in advance.In addition, patiently cooperates with the 120 scheduling inquiries. If the patient has a new crown epidemic, it is necessary to tell the medical staff on the 120 police officers and the medical staff on the first aid vehicle.

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