What are there any taboos in pregnant women?

Early exercise cannot be performed in the early pregnancy, and frequent or significant pulling should be avoided.But proper exercise is good for pregnant mothers and baby baby.Gently exercise, movement pier and comfortable, comfortable, very suitable for mothers in early pregnancy.

Should be appropriate for a walk

Walking is the most recommended method of pregnancy. During the entire pregnancy, walking is very safe.Walking can not only improve the function of the nervous system and cardiopulmonary, but also promote metabolism.Walking quietly with rhythm can strengthen the leg muscles, abdominal wall muscles, and myocardial activity.

Should be exercised in the morning or dusk

It is best to choose in the early morning during exercise, so that the dust in the air is the least, or it can be selected in the dusk. At this time, the oxygen content in the air is the highest; in winter, it can be selected in the afternoon. At this time, the gas is the warmer.

Someone should be accompanied

Pregnant mothers are accompanied by quasi -dad during exercise. This can increase the communication between husband and wife and cultivate the feelings of prospective dads for fetal baby. And once any accidents occur, pregnant mothers can get necessary help at any time.

It is comfortable to wear during exercise

Tight -fitting clothes and high heels can cause physical discomfort or fatigue. After a long time, it will cause damage. It will increase the body burden of pregnant mothers, affect the mood, and hinder pregnant mothers to enjoy the fun of exercise. Therefore, we must wear comfortable and loose clothes andshoe.

Should understand whether you are suitable for exercise

Early pregnancy is a relatively high period of natural abortion. If there is a history of abortion, heart disease, pregnancy hypertension, kidney disease, polypheniac, pre -placenta or irregular bleeding, contraction, etc.do excercise.

It is not suitable for the place where the air is dirty

During exercise, you must avoid air dirty places, such as downtown areas and markets.Avoid the main roads, because noise such as car motor roar, harsh treble horn sounds will have a very unfavorable impact on the health of pregnant mothers and fetal baby.

Avoid drama

Pregnant mothers should avoid strenuous exercise, especially women with habitual abortion.The movement of pregnant mothers in January in January of pregnancy is: exercise with strong jump and vibration, such as skipping rope, kicking, cycling, etc.; fast movement or sudden changes methods, such as fast running, tennis, badminton, badminton, badminton, Table tennis, etc.; all competitive movements, such as horse riding, Boxing Road, etc.; compress the abdomen movement, such as sitting up and sitting up, flexing legs, etc.

Avoid the amount of exercise suddenly increases

If pregnant mothers often perform physical exercise before pregnancy, such as morning running, swimming, etc., then they can still be performed in the early stages of pregnancy; if you do n’t have any physical exercise before, then you can do some mild exercises such as walking in the early stages of pregnancy.The body is also good.

But whether it is fitness or other reasons, the amount of exercise cannot be excessive. Excessive exercise will cause pregnant mothers to feel fatigue and even harm the baby.Do not suddenly increase the amount of exercise. The sudden increase in the amount of exercise will cause the hormone in the body to unstable and affect the growth and development of the fetal baby: not to do high -difficult sports exercise, it is highly dangerous, and it is not good for the mother and child.

Pregnant mothers can find a movement that she likes, can sustain, and is suitable for any season. Persistence is good for pregnant mothers and fetal baby.

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