What are you most worried about when you are pregnant?At the 3rd point, if it is low, it will cause the baby’s abortion or fetal stopping

This will definitely be, and most expectant mothers will have this mood for the first time.On the one hand, because Baoma does not understand the development of the fetus, and on the other hand, because Baoma is worried about whether the baby is healthy, whether there is deformity, will she miss the arms and legs?Especially the expectant mothers who have been preparing for a long time, experienced fetal stops, or abortion, once the wind blows, can not eat it, for fear that the baby will have a little loss, which will cause the final spirit to be tense, which is not conducive to the development of the baby.What should we do?It is generally relatively safe in the second trimester. Here, we focus on the two stages of early pregnancy and early pregnancy.

Early pregnancy (1-2- March)

1. Will the baby affect the baby before pregnancy?

When we knew that we were pregnant to go to the hospital for examination, the doctor said that she was pregnant for one month.Some Baoma did not eat folic acid when she heard that she was pregnant for one month. What should I do?is there time?Then start worrying.

About folic acid problems: If pregnant women lack folic acid in their bodies, they may cause fetal nerve deformities.If you usually eat vegetables and nutrition are relatively balanced, in fact, you don’t have to worry about whether you lack folic acid.Folic acid is actually a vitamin that exists in many foods.Such as vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, mushrooms, etc., as well as fruit strawberries, cherries, bananas, lemon, etc., as well as animal liver.Therefore, you usually have to worry about eating.

Only as a doctor, we must recommend that we start to supplement folic acid from three months before pregnancy, and have been taking it until three months of pregnancy.I was prepared for a long time without a good pregnancy and stopped folic acid. Later, I was pregnant before I was pregnant.The result is okay.So don’t worry about this.

2. Have you taken medicine before pregnancy? If you reduce fat, follow X -rays, drink alcohol, etc., will your baby deform?

Zheng Yuqiao, who has been engaged in medical work for 30 years, mentioned in her book "Zheng Yuqiao Parenting Scripture · Fetail":

If you know the news of pregnancy, I think of a lot of unsatisfactory things that have happened in pregnancy, such as taking drugs, illuminating X -rays, etc., please do not fall into a painful situation that cannot be extracted.Without complementary it, it will be worsened, causing the fetus in the abdomen to suffer from the environment from the mother’s environment (people will produce harmful substances in the body in a bad mind).Your unsatisfactory things may not hurt the fetus at all, and your bad mood is likely to really affect the development of the fetus.Moreover, when the embryonic period is greatly damaged, most of the results of "yes" and "none", that is, the baby may no longer exist or grow up healthy.Therefore, let’s face the burden and face it happily. I believe that the children in the belly are healthy and the best choice.

Taking X -ray, taking possible drugs that may be teratings may cause harm to the fetus, but if you plan to ask a child, you must plan in advance before pregnancy.

3. After pregnancy, the progesterone is low, will the baby stop or abortion?

Many expectant mothers have finally conceived their children, but because of low progesterone, they are afraid of the children’s flowing or fetal stopping.I have a classmate. Early pregnancy, the progesterone value is particularly low. I am attentive all day and run the hospital every day, and I am 3 months.It can be seen how low her progesterone value is, but fortunately, she keeps her child in early pregnancy.But if we do not keep it in the early pregnancy, we should not be sad. This can only show that the fetus is not ready. We follow the laws of nature and survive the fittest.

Popular science here, what is progesterone and what can it play?Let me give it an example. In the early days of pregnancy, my classmate didn’t feel tired at all or wanted to sleep.Then I, I am very tired in the early pregnancy and I want to sleep.Therefore, it can be seen from the difference in progesterone, it is the role of hypnosis and tire.Without it, pregnant women do not feel sleepy, and the endometrium is easy to excite, and it is not conducive to fetal growth and development.The serious ones flowed off.

In addition, vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain in early pregnancy. If this happens, it does not mean that the fetus will have a miscarriage or unhealthy.When my sister was pregnant with a second child, she had such experience, but the babies born in the end are very healthy.Therefore, don’t be nervous and afraid. If you have any questions, please see the doctor in time.

Late pregnancy (8-9-2 October)

The prospective mothers who enter the third trimester will worry about many issues, such as the baby’s fetal movement.If the baby does not like to move and worry about whether the baby will have a problem, the umbilical cord is around the neck?Is it hypoxic?Can you still give birth?Anyway, all kinds of worry.

1. fetal movement and fetal heart rate, umbilical cord around the neck, hypoxia

In August pregnancy, the fetal movement was relatively frequent, but as soon as it was in September, the fetal movement would decrease, and the baby was preparing for his birth.At this time, the fetal heart rate will also decrease, and the normal range is 140-160 times/minute.If there is no abnormal performance, don’t worry too much.If the fetal heart rate is less than 120/minute, or greater than 180 times/minute, pay attention to observation.It is best to buy a fetal heart, and the cost is not expensive. When you listen to it twice a day, you will not be so worried.I bought one because it was difficult to count the fetal movement in the third trimester, and listened every day, which made me miss a lot of worries.No longer worry about whether the baby will be hypoxic, will the umbilical cord around the neck?

2. Will high blood sugar affect the baby’s development?

Specific mothers with gestational diabetes, when the blood sugar is high, they will worry about the baby’s "safety", and they are afraid that the baby will be unhealthy.At that time, my blood sugar was also high, and I was really afraid of my baby’s unhealthy, so I worked hard to control blood sugar.Sometimes, sometimes the scene of the nurse’s injection of the nurse will be present in the mind. It can be seen that how worried the mother is.

3. Boil until the third trimester, and worry about the baby’s premature birth

In the third trimester, a safe sexual lifestyle should be adopted.In life, you should also avoid large movements, do not mention heavy objects, pay attention to rest.If you have any problems, seek medical treatment in time.If there is a premature stem, listen to the doctor’s order.

Summary: Pregnancy is happy and worried for women, pain and happiness.As long as we pay attention to rest and eat well, don’t think about it. If you are often nervous, this tension will also pass to the baby baby. If it is serious, it will also affect the development of the baby.Therefore, when the baby is here, most of them are healthy.Pregnant mothers should not worry too much.

I am a 2-year-old baby, and I will continue to share knowledge such as childcare and pregnancy.

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