What do you feel like to get in bed in the bed?Why is bleeding in the second trimester?

Xiaofeng is a very careful girl. She is preparing to get pregnant for half a year. She not only reads a lot of popular science knowledge about pregnancy, but also has a pre -pregnancy examination with her husband. The two sides have no problem. Xiaofeng’s gynecological examination is normal."Tadpoles" can be spirit.

Xiaofeng’s menstruation is very regular, and the leucorrhea during ovulation has a long brushes like egg whites.Xiaofeng felt that there was no problem with ovulation.Last month, I was in the same room 4 times the next day, I believe I would be able to get pregnant.But after a week, there was nothing to feel. Xiaofeng was a little nervous. Come to outpatient consultation: Is there any uncomfortable symptom or feeling if you have fertilized eggs in bed?

After the sexual life of both husband and wife, especially after the same room during ovulation, if the eggs are smoothly fertilized, the fertilized eggs have no symptoms of discomfort, and there is almost no feeling.

Because each person’s constitution is different, there will be differences in symptoms.Some women may have slight abdomen discomfort, and the lower abdomen may have faint pain.And it may cause breast pain, and may even cause symptoms such as physical fatigue or a small amount of vaginal bleeding.

Usually when the level of pregnancy is around 40 days of pregnancy, with the changes in the level of hormones in the body, there will be different degrees of nausea, vomiting, and early pregnancy reactions such as drowsiness.Of course, some women do not have early pregnancy reactions.

After a week of ovulation, you can go to the hospital to draw blood to check the chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) to determine whether it is successful.

Listening to me, Xiaofeng went back happily. After 10 days, Xiaofeng sent a message and was really pregnant.

In the blink of an eye, more than two months have passed, and Xiaofeng sent a message. She has been pregnant for 14 weeks and the checkup is normal a month ago. However, there is a small amount of bleeding from the vagina this morning. What is the reason?

Generally, after 12 weeks of pregnancy, it is a relatively stable period. If bleeding generally means abnormalities, go to the doctor in time.

Causes bleeding in the second trimester of bleeding to eliminate bleeding caused by vaginitis and cervical lesions. The more common is the bleeding of cervical polyps and changing cervical erosion.Bleeding caused by vaginitis, cervicitis, and cervical polyps generally is generally blood -like.There are also rare cases of rare cervical cancer and even rare cervical cancer caused by rare conditions caused by bleeding in the middle of pregnancy.

Placenta factors are common in the second trimester of bleeding, such as placental peeling, pre -ends of placenta, and placental edge of the placenta.In addition, excessive exhaustion, exercise, and improper sexual life may cause bleeding.

Xiaofeng asked anxiously: How to check to be clear?

Basically diagnosis can be clearly diagnosed through gynecological examinations and B -ultrasound through gynecological examinations and B -ultrasound.If the bleeding is accompanied by obvious contraction and abdominal pain, this is a dangerous situation, and you must go to the hospital in time.Even if there is no contraction and no stomach pain, go to the hospital for examination.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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