What do you need to pay attention to nasal plastic surgery?

Pre -operation notice

1. Medical personnel should tell the doctor with their previous medical history (including whether there are injecting hyaluronic acid or other injection in the nose, so that the doctor can correctly judge and treat.Especially the following unsuitable surgery should tell the doctor before surgery, including but not limited to: severe mental abnormalities, psychological disorders, personality disorders important organs, severe hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and liver and kidney disease severe hematological diseases or bleeding hemorrhageThe tendency to use anticoagulant drugs or large -dose hormone infected with abnormal scar hyperplasia or breastfeeding drug allergies such as anticoagulant drugs or large -dose hormones infected with systemic or surgical sites.2. Do not dynamic makeup during face -to -face diagnosis 3. If the surgery is determined, the necessary preoperative examination is performed, which mainly include but not limited to: four items of blood routine, four coagulation functions, ECG nasal septum CT and three -dimensional imaging 4. within two weeks before surgery, within two weeks before surgery, within two weeks before surgeryStop smoking, stop aspirin or anticoagulant drugs, stop oral vitamin E and Chinese medicine containing ingredients such as promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis

48 hours after surgery

1. The head is raised and rests. It is recommended to use two pillows when sleeping. Pay attention to lying flat while sleeping to avoid compression of ear cartilage sides, so as to avoid uneven the auricle and cause the auricle and cartilage deformation or even necrotic.

2. Only the temperature, light, and digestible liquid food on the day after surgery, you can eat a semi -liquid diet the next day, and then return to the ordinary diet, but avoid allowing the lips to move too much food such as apples and corn within 2 weeks.Big and wait.

3. When the heavier swelling occurs, it appears 48-72 hours after surgery. In severe cases, there may be bruises. It can be applied within 72 hours after surgery. Please do not put pressure on the plywood to avoid prosthesis displacement.

4. If you have headache or pain in the surgery area, you can take painkillers every 3-4 hours. If there is no pain, do not take medicine, do not drink when taking painkillers;Check whether there is hematoma.

5. There may be exudation in the bilateral nostrils, and the gauze below the nose is wet, such as light red and thin leachates can be wiped off with sterile gauze or cotton swab;Please notify the doctor immediately. During this period, please sit down for 15 minutes. Generally, most of the bleeding can be stopped.

6. The next day after the operation, returned to the hospital to retract, remove the brain filled in the nostrils, and unplug the negative pressure drainage of the nasal surgery area.

7. Postoperative infusion treatment (first and second day after surgery): 0.9%sodium chloride injection 100ml + cephalosporin (Silixin) 0.75g quiet drop 2/daily biological saline needle 10ml + Batus pavilion needle 2U 2U 2UMuscle injection 1/day 0.9%sodium chloride injection 100ml + di -meeson needle 20mg of static drops 1/day 10%glucose injection 250ml + injection for sodium sodium for sodium for sodium for sodium (Metonner) 20 mg of static drop 1/day

3-6 days after surgery

1. Wound cleaning: Wash the wet hydrogen peroxide cotton swab to wash the edges of the nostrils and all sutures to keep it clean, and then apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment (chlinomycin, erythromycin eye ointment or compound sticky.Mermine ointment), do this to prevent the formation of crusting skin; clean up in the nostril should not be too deep, move gently to prevent bleeding.

2. Sometimes the nose part of the nose will become red due to tension, because there is no fake placement, not worried about wearing it. After a period of time, the skin tension will change and become red.

3. After surgery, it can be used in an intermittently used in the first 2 weeks to improve the nasal ventilation or prevent the symptoms of discomfort in the ear/nasal discomfort when riding the plane.

4. Please keep the tape of the nasal fixed tape for a week, and remove it when removing; if there is a nasal splint after surgery, you can wear it for 24 hours within 1 week. Then please wear it before going to bed at night and persist for 3 months.

5. Those with no wounds on the head can go to the beauty salon to wash their hair. Pay attention to prevent wetting of the ears and nose wounds.

6. Oral and topical drugs (D3-D7): Highery to do 0.375g Oral 2/Nikkei 150mg Oral 2/Day (or Ge Tabled 0.9 Oral 2/Day) Compound Polygly Polychin ointment Daily cleaning and disinfectionContact the doctor immediately.

7. On the seventh day after surgery (excluding the day of the operation), the thread was repeated.

Postoperative (line disassembly) recovery

1. Enhance nutrition, avoid tobacco, alcohol, spicy stimulation, and excessive food;

2. The necessary oral and nostrils are cleaned and wound protection. Do not force the nose and nose to prevent bleeding;

3. Try not to sneeze. If you can’t avoid it, sneeze it after your mouth;

4. Swelling and fading: 60%swelling one week after surgery, 90%swelling within a month, and the remaining 10%swelling will gradually dissipate within one year.This will not be aware of others, and the push over time will gradually return to normal.

5. Please avoid hitting the nose 4 weeks after surgery. Do not rub your nose, especially when you pinch your nose.

6. Restore exercise: You should gradually restore your normal activities. Do not do severe exercise 2-3 weeks after surgery (if the heart rate increases more than 100 times per minute), such as running, swimming, etc.The third week is returning to normal

7. Wearing glasses: For contact lenses, as long as the swelling and disappear can be put in, you can wear it.However, after removing the splint, do not wear glasses or put other things on your nose within 4 weeks. Frame glasses should be bundled on the forehead with a strap;The shape of rhinoplasty is not very stable within 2 months.

8. After surgery, the nose skin and wounds are sensitive to the sunlight. Please pay attention to sunscreen within 6 months.If you must be in the sun for a long time, wear a wide brim hat and/or better sunscreen with protective UVA and UVB (SPF-20 or higher)

9. After nasal tidal shape, the tip of the nose sometimes feel numb, and occasionally the incidents will feel different. These feelings will gradually disappear with postoperative recovery.

10. Take care of the rib cartilage: After surgery, the parts of the cartilage with pressure bandaging and cutting the cartilage are placed routinely. Pay attention to observing the drainage after surgery.Press the confession area by hand during bed activity and stool to prevent the incision from cracking. If symptoms such as chest tightness and shortness of breath, the physician will be notified to deal with it in time to exclude the pneumothorax after surgery.

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