What does pregnant mother love sour?Different tastes during pregnancy, sweet and sour, bitter, bitter and salty each have their own good

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

Aunt Wang, the next building next door, was happy.

Today, I saw that I took my big and small treasure in the yard. I immediately ran downstairs and pulled me. I asked my secrets: "When you are pregnant, what do you like to eat when you are pregnant, what do you like to eat?? "

I was a little puzzled, but I told her that I had nothing to do during pregnancy and eat everything.

Aunt Wang tried to guide me again: "Didn’t you like to eat sour things?"

I suddenly understood.

Aunt Wang’s son is a three -generation single biography. After marriage, the first child was a girl, so she reported too much hope for the second child of her daughter -in -law’s pregnancy.

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

However, from a scientific perspective, pregnant mothers like to eat sour food, which meets the physiological changes and nutritional needs during pregnancy.

After the mother is pregnant, the placenta of the mother and fetus will secrete a substance called vesicular gonad hormone, which can inhibit gastric acid secretion, reduce gastric acid, reduce digestive enzyme activity, which will affect gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, so thatPregnant mothers have pregnancy reactions such as nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite.

Because the sour smell can stimulate the gastric secretion of gastric juice, it can improve the activity of digestive enzymes, promote gastrointestinal motility, increase appetite, and help the digestion and absorption of food. Therefore, most pregnant mothers love sour food after pregnancy.

From a nutritional perspective, the baby’s bones began to be formed from 2-3 months of pregnancy.The main component of the bone is calcium, but to form calcium calcium to form calcium salts in the bones, it is necessary to participate in acidic substances.

Many fruits rich in vitamin C are acidic, such as hawthorn, sea buckthorn, citrus, etc. Vitamin C is an important element that can increase the maternal resistance.

However, artificially marinated sauerkraut, vinegar and other foods, vitamins, protein and other nutrients are almost lost, which is not good for health; in addition, hawthorn pregnant mothers cannot eat more because hawthorn or hawthorn tablets have stimulating uterine contraction ingredients.It may cause abortion and premature birth.

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

In fact, during the period of birth to 1 year after birth, it was called the golden period of human brain development by scientists.

So in order to ensure the normal development of the baby’s brain during this period, it is very important to supplement the sufficient nutrition of expectant mothers!In terms of diet, we must take care of the taste of pregnant mothers, but also take care of food nutrition to ensure the material needs of pregnant mothers and fetal baby.

In terms of taste, in addition to the spontaneous sour food of pregnant mothers, sweet, bitter, spicy, and salty, there is no indispensable!

For sweet food, pregnant mothers must control during pregnancy.

You must know that excessive sweets can cause hyperglycemia, which can cause the baby to be too large, and it is easy to cause dystocia, stagnation, postpartum bleeding and infection.

And sweets are not just candy, cakes, drinks, etc., but also the sugar content of many fruits is actually very high.

I had a friend before, and I attached great importance to my weight management during pregnancy. I was strictly controlled at meals a day, but I ignored the energy of the fruit. The daily fruits and freshly squeezed juice were inseparable for a moment.As a result, I found that the blood sugar was scary during pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers should choose fruits between two meals, not more than 200 grams per day, and choose low sugar content.

For many people, bitter food is two extremes.Either you love to eat or not.

Bitter gourd and kale are the most commonly seen bitter foods. In addition to clearing heat and cooling heat, they can also play a role in stimulating saliva and gastric fluid secretion and promoting gastrointestinal motility.There are irreplaceable benefits.

However, bitter gourd contains a small amount of quinine. Although the daily cooking does not cause adverse reactions, some pregnant mothers will still mind; they can be treated first.

In addition, the content of vitamin C in bitter gourd is the highest among melon vegetables.

As the saying goes, "Sweet and north, north and sour sores are spicy", so the taste of pregnant mothers is also related to the dietary habits of different regions and different families.

Therefore, pregnant mothers do not have to absolutely prohibit eating peppers, but they must be appropriate to avoid stimulating the stomach and intestines, causing constipation and accelerating blood flow.And the mother of the front placenta must be absolutely forbidden to eat chili!

You know, the content of vitamin C per 100 grams of chili is as high as 198mg, and vitamin B2, carotene and calcium, iron and other mineral content are also very rich, which can improve the body’s immune function.

Not only for pregnant mothers, that is, we are normal people, and it is not recommended to eat salty foods. Eating too salty will cause great harm to health.

If pregnant mothers eat excessive salty food, it will be more likely to cause pregnancy hypertension syndrome than pregnant mothers with light taste.Therefore, experts suggest that the daily salt intake should be about 6 grams.

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

Of course, no matter whether the pregnant mother loves sour or spicy food, it should also know that a balanced diet can ensure the needs of the baby and mother during pregnancy.For example, the combination of coarse grains can make the nutrition contained in different staple foods complement each other; the ratio of the vegetarian and vegetables should be appropriate, to overcome the tendency of partial eclipse, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, and so on.

In addition, the nutritional intake of pregnant mothers in different pregnancy is also different.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the baby grows slowly, and the average weight increases by 1 gram per day. There are not many nutrients that need to be intake.Specific mothers only need to add some foods containing minerals and vitamins in the diet.

By the end of pregnancy, the development of the baby is significantly accelerated, and the average weight increases by 10 grams per day, and the demand for nutrition is increasing.At this time, expectant mothers should drink plenty of water and eat more foods such as coarse grains, vegetables, and fruits.

During the third trimester, the baby’s baby grew fast, and the fastest growth was at 32 to 38 weeks, and at this time, the baby’s body storage the most nutrients. His muscles, bones, and brains were developing.Supplement some foods containing calcium, protein and vitamins, such as fish, meat, eggs, liver, etc.

The picture is derived from the creature of the insect

In short, pregnant mothers need to provide the most quiet and comfortable growth environment for the baby, so that the baby’s baby can get rich nutrition, which is the most important for the health of the baby.

As for those speculations that have been passed down: the changes in the taste that may occur during pregnancy, the changes in physical fitness, the change of the body and the possible relationship between the baby’s gender, is just a pastime after tea. There is no scientific basis, formal inspectionDon’t take it seriously!

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