What does pregnant women need to bring?

After pregnancy, you need to go to the hospital for a checkup.In Beijing, pregnancy and delivery of pregnancy requires a file.So what does Beijing maternal archives need to bring?How to set up files in Beijing Hospital.

Why build files in the hospital?

Pregnant women’s files are the personal archives established in the hospital, which records the basic information of pregnant women and all check records.Under normal circumstances, it is produced in which hospital and which hospital is built.It is best not to transfer to the hospital halfway to ensure the comprehensiveness and continuity of the information.

In terms of routine, no files are not built, and public hospitals do not build files for inspection and production.

What information is needed?

Regardless of whether it is a Beijing native, it usually needs to meet the conditions in Beijing to build files:

l "Beijing mother and child health file manual"

l B ultrasound results (intrauterine pregnancy, fetal heart buds)

l Hospital has a set of files

What are the processes of building files?

1. After confirming the pregnancy, choose the hospital to build the hospital for appointment to build a file

As we all know, Beijing has built files.The most critical step to go to the hospital is to make an appointment for construction.The reservation procedures of unused hospitals are different, and be sure to as soon as possible.

The blocking time of Beijing can be divided into two categories: according to the due date or the last menstrual period and the number of seals of the pregnancy week.

Hospital in accordance with the due date or the last menstrual date

Follow the number of stalls in the pregnancy week

It should be noted that no matter which hospital you want to build files, you need to prepare as soon as possible.

2. Confirm whether the hospital has a set of files and understand the requirements of the archives

3. Start preparing basic data according to the hospital’s archive requirements, such as blood testing and urine inspection forms, mother -child health manuals and B -ultrasound lists.

4. Appointment for registration, the specific reservation registration date is determined by the hospital’s file construction conditions, the hospital seal date, and the date of handling the mother and child health manual.Therefore, the actual date requires specific analysis.

5. Prepare files.General files include: ID card, consultation card, medical insurance card, pregnancy certificate, mother and child health manual.If the hospital has special requirements, the corresponding materials need to be prepared according to the requirements of the hospital.

6. According to the hospital construction process, take a doctor on time, and do related examinations according to the inspection form issued by the doctor to complete the archives.Some hospitals not only need to complete the examination, but also need to listen to the class of pregnant women to formally build files.

After the construction is successful, follow the doctor’s instructions on time until safe production.

According to the above steps, choose a hospital that is suitable for your own situation, and prepare files in advance, which can generally build files smoothly.

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