What does Tang’s baby look like?If you want to have a healthy baby, you cannot save 3 birth check -in during pregnancy.

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A few days ago, I saw an example of "Tang Baby". A netizen said that the people of them like to kiss and add relatives. Her aunt married her daughter to a relative’s son. The couple gave birth to two babies.The doctor said that there was a problem during the second child’s delivery.

As a result, the second child was born as a Donal baby. She only knew to play the tongue every day, and her growth and development were much slower than the children of the same age.

After watching it, I am quite surprised. I ’m getting married in the new era. I’ m obviously that the child has a problem with the child.It’s pitiful.

"Tang’s Er" is also a type of person with "Tang’s syndrome". Donald syndrome is also called "21-trioma syndrome", also known as "congenital fool", which is a chromosomal disease.It is common, as the name suggests, one is an extra chromosomes on the 21st.

The onset is to have a certain relationship with the age of the mother. The older the pregnant mother, the higher the chance of the Tang family.

Men are more common in the gender, and the proportion of men and women is 3: 2.

Those who may pay attention to it will find that people with Tang family syndrome are "faces", and they almost all look like:

The overall face looks flat; the spacing of the two eyes is relatively wide, the eyes are small, and the eyes look a little bit swollen, and most of the outer corners of the eyes are oblique;

The nose is flat, the outside ears are small and the position is low. The mouth is small, the lips are thick, and the mouth often opens the mouth. The tongue often extends out.

However, a baby with a Tang syndrome basically does not see abnormalities when he was born, which means that the face of a newborn baby with a Chinatown syndrome is normal.

However, with the "abnormal features" of growth and development, it has gradually emerged, such as dull expressions, slow response, slow development (short body, thick limbs, late speaking and unclear pronunciation, awkward movement, uncoordinated, unstable walking, etc.), And these development differences will become bigger and bigger with their peers.

Many Tang family have heart malformations, and their resistance is poor, which is particularly easy to get sick.

As mentioned earlier, the "Donald Syndrome" means that the baby’s intelligence is problematic, but it can also be prevented, that is, a good check -up during pregnancy.

① Modernary occurred in early pregnancy

Some Donald’s baby’s baby will experience a miscarriage in the early pregnancy experience in the early pregnancy.

② Even if there is no abortion in early pregnancy, you can find timely in time in the second trimester.

The NT examination of about 12 weeks of pregnancy is the first time after pregnancy to do deformed examinations. After passing the thickened inspection of the rear neck, check whether there is a problem with the fetus.

Donald screening at 16 weeks of pregnancy, this examination is a special screening for Tang’s syndrome. If the results show "high risk", it means that the chance of the fetus suffer from this disease is very high. At this timeAmniotic fluid puncture or non -invasive DNA examination.If the fetus is indeed a Tang family, the doctor will recommend to terminate pregnancy.

PS: However, the medical conditions are good now. Compared with amniotic fluid puncture, non -invasive DNA operations are simple and risky, and they have gradually been popularized. Many hospitals will recommend that older women do non -invasive DNA examinations. Some hospitals are for free, but some hospitalIt is a charging check. At this time, the pregnant mother does not always think that the hospital is to collect money. In fact, it is quite necessary.

The B-ultrasound of 20-24 weeks of pregnancy, even if the previous intention was not screened, there was a test of the three deformed B-ultrasound in the third birth check during pregnancy. The examination was very detailed.It will see that there are characteristics of this aspect to investigate.

③ The post -pregnancy examination found that the fetus was small

Of course, some pregnant women may not be checked during pregnancy, and there is no abortion in early pregnancy, which will grow normally to childbirth. This is a few cases, but it may also exist. If this is a birth check in the late pregnancy, the fetus may be foundDevelopment is smaller than the actual gestational week.

If a "Tang family" baby is really born, it is not only a serious burden on parents and the entire family.It is still recommended that pregnant mothers cannot take it lightly after pregnancy, and strictly do a good job of each birth check, especially several deformed examinations to avoid having a Donal baby.

You cannot give up the inspection for the hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars in the province. In case of a Donal baby, it is not a few hundred dollars to solve the problem, which will make the whole family burden.

Are there pregnant women who have encountered a "Tang family screening high risk" around you?Are there any people with Tang syndrome around?Come and leave a message.

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