What does the fetus at 18 weeks look like?Many expectant mothers are still unclear, I know a little better

Guide: Mom said that modern women are really happy. After pregnancy, they do n’t need to work so hard after pregnancy, and when the fetus is 18 weeks, through the advanced scientific instruments such as color Doppler ultrasound, see the development of the fetus, and if there is any problem,It can be screened in advance without making women suffer more.

I also think that my mother said that it is very happy as a woman now has children.

For this reason, I also asked a few good friends, what the fetus they saw at 18 weeks of pregnancy looked like.

Junjun said: From the perspective of yourself, there is no change, not vomiting, no uncomfortable, should eat, drink and drink, that is, the abdomen is a bit bulging, and the mirror feels bigger.

At 18 weeks, her husband accompanied the color Doppler ultrasound, but the fetus was not very cooperative, the face could not be seen, and it was not exercise.It’s right.

Min said: From the beginning of knowing the news of pregnancy, the daughter of her own began to have a pregnancy reaction. After eating all day, I vomited, I vomited, and I had to eat it when I was hungry.The response passed earlier.

By the 18th week, I went to see the doctor. The worries still happened. The doctor said that the fetus was small. After telling the Minami reaction period, pay more attention to the supplement of nutrition and the resistance to the baby.

Expert interpretation: Generally, you can feel the fetal movement of the fetus in about 18 weeks, and the body’s body is gradually developing. The eyes, the eyes, the nose, and the mouth are all seen. There are already fingerprints.

Important tips: After 18 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus has been formed. For the outside world, they have the ability to perceive. Moms can talk to the fetus and sing to him. Of course, the father’s company is indispensable.Looking forward to your baby’s advent.

Today’s topic: Do you who are the first mother, do you have a lot of interesting things on the road to enjoying a mother for the first time, especially about 18 weeks. Is it ecstatic when you feel the fetal movement for the first time?

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