What does the fetus feel when the pregnant mother is crying?Maybe it’s different from what you think

After pregnancy, because of the ups and downs of hormones in the body, many expectant mothers found that they became crying and anxious, and they often felt sad.Sometimes I know that my sadness is not good, but I still can’t control it.When you are crying, do you know what the fetus feels?

Doudou Mom: Every time I feel sad during pregnancy, I always feel that the fetus is moving. The stomach is particularly uncomfortable, and it feels like "protest".

Mao Mao Ma: When I was in Huai Dabao, I often cried because of business reasons. I was particularly bad. After the baby was born, it was difficult to make trouble, and the body was not good.When Huai Erbao, the business has improved. The mood is comfortable during pregnancy. After the birth of Erbao, he loves laughter and is as good as an angel baby.

Post -90s Mom: I heard people say that the fetus has the emotion of joy and sorrow in about four months. There will be a smile and crying behavior. I don’t know if it is true.

Can the expectant mothers happy and sad, can the fetus really feel?In fact, the fetal perception system is incomplete, and it is not possible to realize the emotions of pregnant mothers, but the emotional quality of the pregnant mother can indeed affect the fetal development:

Causes malnutrition.Often in the mood of sadness and anxiety, the appetite of pregnant mothers has decreased. When she sees no food, there is no stomach, and insufficient nutritional intake can also cause malnutrition of the fetus and cause delay in development.

Easy to cause abortion.Pregnant mothers are greatly stimulated, or they are often in sadness. The abortion of adrenal cortical hormone secretion in the body can easily lead to abortion or premature birth.

Affect the fetal character.I often cry during pregnancy, and the spleen is often irritable and crying when the baby is born.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain a relaxed and happy mood during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers usually use the following methods to make themselves happy:

1. Walk frequently.When you go to the park, you can take a walk with fresh air and beautiful environment and immerse themselves in nature to calm your mood.

2. Find someone to talk.When you encounter annoyance, don’t hold alone, you can find a closer friend to talk.

3. Dynamic attention.Some small hobbies can be cultivated during pregnancy, such as manual and painting.

4. The most important thing is the understanding and support of family members, especially the prospective dad. In the face of pregnant mothers, she has more patience and understanding, and cares about her.

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