What exactly is the 42 -year -old pregnant woman being stopped by embryo?

Ms. Li (pseudonym) is a 42 -year -old Changsha.With the opening of the national two -child policy, Ms. Li also actively prepared her pregnancy and wanted to add a part of her family.But I just enjoyed the joy of pregnancy, but unexpectedly, the hospital physician suggested that "embryos stopped". What is going on?

It turned out that Ms. Li’s family was harmonious and everything went smoothly. After her son began to study at the boarding school, Ms. Li discussed with her husband and wanted to catch the second child "the last bus."

All this was smooth, and finally came to the hospital to confirm the diagnosis. Before she was happy, she was notified that "embryonic" Ms. Li could only cry her "pregnancy".

The doctor explained that the medical stop in the early trimester of pregnancy was called "embryo stopping".

There are many reasons for fetal stops. It can be roughly divided into genetic factors, environment, uterine development abnormalities, sperm quality problems, immune systems and endocrine. When women are over 35 years old and men are over 45 years oldIf a certain degree of degradation occurs, the possibility of fetal stopping will be increased.

Couples with repeated embryos are best inspected the embryo flow product. The chromosomal abnormalities are abnormal during examination.

The atmospheric pollution, formaldehyde, anti -tumor drugs and antiepileptic drugs in decoration, excessive contact may also cause tire stop.

Clinical embryos are basically diagnosed by related examinations such as laboratory examinations and B -ultrasound. A regular examination must not be ignored during early pregnancy. Once there is any abnormalities such as vaginal brown secretions or abdominal falls, etc.

According to relevant data, due to the growth of women, the quality of eggs decreases, and if the accumulation of chronic diseases is added, the chance of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus is higher than that of ordinary people.Therefore, pregnant women who are over 35 years old have two to 3 times the chances of early abortion and embryonic breds.

Elderly women should pay attention to the following points when preparing for pregnancy:

1. Do a good pre -pregnancy examination.

Go to the hospital for physical examination before pregnancy to exclude diseases that may exist and are not conducive to fertility.

Doctors will determine whether there are factors that are not conducive to pregnancy and provide comprehensive pre -pregnancy guidance based on various examination indicators. Once abnormal conditions are found, they are treated in time to prevent problems before they occur.In particular, people with a history of genetic medical history of the elderly and family should also do a comprehensive pre -pregnancy medical examination.

2. Improve the living environment and adjust lifestyle.

A few months before pregnancy, try to stay away from the environment with toxic substances.When you need to use medicine during pregnancy, you should tell the doctor to tell the doctor to take medicine under the guidance of the doctor, and take the medicine strictly in accordance with the doctor’s instructions. Do not replace, shorten or extend the time of medication.

Preparing for pregnancy, we must completely stay away from bad living habits, quit smoking, coffee, nightlife, cola and other sweet drink drinks.

Appropriate exercise can relieve stress and do some simple neck, shoulders, pelvis and foot movements.Walking, jogging, and yoga can not only relieve stress, but also promote blood circulation.

3. Keep dietary nutrition balance.

Maintaining daily dietary nutritional balance is the key. It can effectively ensure that the body can keep up with the rhythm of pregnancy, and balanced the body’s immunity.Folic acid and vitamins can be supplemented 3 months before pregnancy.A regular and healthy life helps to nurture healthy embryos.

4. Keep a good mood during pregnancy.

Relax, oversupply affects the endocrine system and affect conception.In addition, whether it is before or during pregnancy, we must maintain a good mood and regulate your mentality.Learn more about related knowledge, encounter problems with optimism, and comprehensively cooperate with doctors.

Before pregnancy, we must pay attention to those who pay attention to the chromosomal examination of both husband and wife, their own antibody examination, endocrine function test, and uterine morphological examination.

It is recommended that older pregnant mothers ensure sufficient sleep before and during pregnancy to ensure a good lifestyle. In addition, the man should also improve bad living habits, and husband and wife work together to avoid pre -pregnancy prognosis such as embryo stop development.

Correspondent: Liu Fang, Second People’s Hospital of Hunan Province

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