What gift is good for the newborn baby?

As a 3 -year -old mother, in fact, the most spending is at the stage of the child as soon as she was born to the age of 1.

A few days ago, I packed up the house and packed up a bunch of messy maternal and infant supplies.I really can’t wait to return to myself who holds the crazy shopping at that time.For example, too many diapers, small vests, breast pumps, bottles, constant thermostats (lazy to use it a few times), the pacifier with strong texture … I really threw a whole cabinet, and the salted fish sold some to clean up before cleaning up to clean up before cleaning up to clean upIt’s almost the same.

The lessons and lessons are bought by spending money, so listen to the opinions of those who come here.

From a practical point of view, if I return to the time, I want to see my relatives and friends who send us these:

(PS: The following are children’s products that I have not been recognized by I haven’t stepped on the mine, and they were tested by my baby. He himself expressed satisfaction and approval.)

This sleeping artifact really can’t be missed, many people have the reason for it.Parents who have experienced the terrible sleeping process should be clear that when the baby is afraid that Black Er hates quiet, he must have a little white noise. The night lamp is aid when the early consciousness is still awake.Let him shut up in the black room. He must not do it, and he will only cry for you.

This little hippocampus basically gives one quasi, and many babies like it at first sight.In addition to the cute look, the big eyes are like a baby. The material is soft and skin -friendly without edges and corners, and it feels good.

More importantly, the belly of soft light and soothing music can really give the baby a soothing effect.When he had not established his own sleep law in the early days, it was particularly important.

It is also used.On the one hand, he can learn to soothe himself, and the other is to avoid always making bad habits.But note that the pacifier is really important.Some pacifiers look cheap, but the material is very hard, the baby can’t hold it, he will not like it.

I bought a lot of them. This Philips is the only thing I like, but it was unfortunately lost when I went out.The material is very soft, you actually know when you get a pinch, obviously it will be a little softer than other pacifiers, one -piece, feels good, a bit like a skin.Everyone should pay attention to the size when choosing. The newborn baby’s mouth is very small and you can’t buy a number casually.

You can buy a few more, because this is really easy to lose.

Although IKEA is numb in large pieces of furniture, there are many remarkable small baby toys, which is helpful for the baby’s touch experience+gripping ability+visual ability.I bought it well, including the following shopping basket, but also turning music, big abacus, big clock or something.

Especially to turn music.I bought two sets, a set of planets, and a set of bees, and they were all very good.I think there are only little bees and rabbits now on the official website, and there are no planets.

It can fiddish it and turn it.Put it directly above the baby’s lying down, and let it play from time to time. After the baby’s eyesight follows up, it will follow the eyes and look at it. It can help cultivate the eye capture of the eye. It is really cute.

In fact, everyone has a misunderstanding. It seems that the gift from it must be a newborn baby.If you prepare according to this idea, in fact, most of them are not used except for babies’ essentials for survival.Because the newborn baby is too fragile, his vision is weak, the skin is sensitive, and he has not adapted to the world. He needs to take care of it carefully. Even most of the items that are exposed to him should be disinfected or boiled at high temperature.To put it plainly, he has neither experience nor any specific concept of gifts, but it is a bit sorry.

Therefore, give them some classics, you can use or play a little bit, but it will not be so outdated.In this way, he can play longer, and the utilization rate is higher. The hearts of our relatives and friends who give gifts can better pass and avoid waste.

IKEA also has a special classic small train+rail suit is very suitable, and the baby will usually turn around and play.For these, buy in accordance with his financial resources and budget combination, and become a small train world, enough for him to play.My baby has to take it out from time to time.

Of course, in addition to this set, similar to the classic Lego bricks and TOI’s puzzle puzzles, all belong to this toy.

The well -known LEGO large particle version, that is, the Duplo Dabao series, is convenient for babies to practice grasping.My baby is a boy, and what I like is the train series, so we buy these two models, and we can’t pick any faults.

This is also a bigger to play, but it can exercise the baby’s observation very well, and the fun is also strong.Babies generally prefer.From the small number of pieces to the age, it is arranged by age, and it is more suitable to buy it according to different budgets or combinations.

Its puzzle actually found that the production is exquisite. It does not hurt the hand without hairy edges.

If you feel that these gifts are not valuable enough to express your heart.It is recommended to consider sending baby dining chairs and safety seats.

I recommend this.The advantage is that it can be used for a long time, and as the child’s height is gradually adjusted, sitting from childhood to big.When the baby starts to learn to eat independently, the baby’s parents will be very grateful to you.

If this prospective parents do not pay attention, relatives and friends must help them pay attention to practical actions.Safe seats are a must -have for low and young babies in many countries.The kind of illegal is not equipped.However, choosing a safe seat is a university.Need to study it with your heart.

There are two choices, more reliable and safe, consider the old European brands; pay more attention to cost -effectiveness, consider domestic big brands.However, it must be noted that the baby must be installed reverse before the age of 2, which is very important.The installation can be dragged. Once an accident occurs, the protection of this difference may be different.




Good boy

What I can think of good is basically that.

Others such as nursing supplies or clothes are not unable to consider, but things that are so close or skin -friendly. Generally, parents who are cautious will prepare them early, or even be properly played in the middle and late pregnancy.Fast, cost -effective.

It can be sent hard, but it is not recommended.

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