What happened if a girl was pregnant if a girl was not married?

I remember when I was in elementary school, once, my math teacher raided family homework.

In order to save time, he said, "Students who have not done their homework automatically stand in front of the podium."

At that time, the students were afraid, so even if they did not finish their homework, no one went up.

So the teacher started named one by one, unfortunately I was named.

I tremblingly holding an unsuccessful job. Under the scolding of mathematics teachers, I only stepped onto the podium.

This is in front of all my classmates, and I really have all the ugliness.

After some days, the math teacher began to check our family homework again.This time, I took the initiative to stand on the podium, so the classmates were honest and went up seven or eight.

Although I am one of the seven or eight classmates, the teacher no longer scolds me alone. He is the seven or eight students who did not finish their homework at the same time.Although I still feel embarrassed, it is much better than last time.

Another time, the teacher also checked the homework. However, this time the job did not complete two -thirds. The whole class was 50. Two -thirds of the classmates stood on the podium.

At this time, I no longer think that the homework is not finished. On the contrary, after the get out of class, we started to be better than anyone.

Some students wrote a few pages, and he consciously became big.I said even more ambitiously, "You cow, you see me, I didn’t write a word!"

At that time, because most students did not complete their homework, shame was no longer ashamed.On the contrary, this shame has become a very glorious thing.

One bad thing, if there are fewer people who do, then people who do it will think it is shame.However, there are more people who do it, will people who do bad things still have a sense of shame?

the answer is negative.

At this time, they will ridicule people who are not bad, thinking they are particularly stupid.

For example, in the 1980s and 1990s, if a girl was pregnant without getting married, this must be extremely shameful, just like only one student did not complete his homework.

However, slowly, people’s concepts of sex are open, so many women are pregnant without marriage.At this time, people will not have a sense of shame.At this time, if a girl is conservative and insisted on holding chastity, then many people will laugh and say, "What age is now, are you stupid?"

So dear friends, this is the case of sinful clustering effects.

If a person sin, then his conscience will blame him to commit crimes. At this time, he will still have a sense of shame in his heart.However, if a group of people sin together, he will not think that sin is sin, and he will think that people who have no crime are fools.

For example, at the wine table, everyone drinks, only you don’t drink. At this time, will you be sensible by someone else?

For example, in KTV, everyone called a lady with wine and hugging, and you said nothing at this time, would everyone talk about your pretending to be high?

Therefore, when the crime is criminal, it is difficult for them to have a sense of shame, and they will think that crime is a very face -saving thing.

You do n’t get dripping, do n’t show your face. If you can drink two pounds of liquor, this is very exposed.You have a wife who does not show your face, but you have a dozen lover, and you only show your face when you say it.

In the Noah era, more and more people on the ground were evil.

Now we imagine, did people face more face than whom at that time?When they saw the woman, they would marry at will, without a trace of shame.

If we were Noah, we told the world that was not right. At this time, do you say they will feel ashamed?

Will this group of people angry and say, "You are really stupid, how happy you are, but you make a square boat every day, spend such a strong energy and spend so much energy. What age is it now?"

You see that human beings are going to degenerate step by step.

Everyone crime, everyone thinks of shame, this is a civilized society.However, a group of people commit crimes, and everyone does not take crimes as shame, but is happy. This is a savage society.

But friends, have you seen the execution ground?

When the prisoner was pulled to the field gun, did you say that at this time, would they still think that crime was a glorious thing?

Many people think that this is a glory, but when the final trial, will he still think that crime is glory?

At that time, no one could escape the judgment by the crime, and the sophistry would not help. The judge would not pardon him alone because of many people.

During the Nooya, the flood striked, and many people were drowned by the water.I think the person struggling in the flood will definitely say, "I have forgive me, I dare not."

He will never continue to say, "Look, I have hundreds of girlfriends, I am bullish."

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