What happened to the pain of "under" after the same room?Doctor: It may be related to these 3 points

Some women may have the pain of "lower body" after the same room, which may cause discomfort and trouble.Pain may affect the quality and satisfaction of sexual life, so it is important to understand the possible causes and solutions.

After sexual life, which 3 points are related to the pain of women?

Lack of sufficient foreplay and lubrication

Full of foreplay is essential for the comfort and satisfaction of sexual life.The foreplay helps to improve sexual desire and sexual excitement, and help women’s bodies prepare.The lack of foreplay may cause women to not be fully stimulated and prepared in the process of sex, which causes pain.In addition, lack of lubrication is also one of the common causes of pain.During sexual behavior, the vagina needs enough lubrication to reduce friction and discomfort.If the lubrication is insufficient, sexual behavior may cause pain and excitement.

Cervical sensitivity or inflammation

The cervix is the part of the uterus and vagina, which is more sensitive to stimulation and pressure.Cervical sensitivity or inflammation may cause pain after the same room.Cervical inflammation is a common gynecological problem, which may be caused by bacterial infection, sexually transmitted infection or other inflammation.Inflammation can make the cervix more sensitive and increase the risk of pain.

Pelvic inflammation or other gynecological issues

The pelvic cavity contains areas of important organs such as ovarian, fallopian tubes, uterus and vagina.Pelvic inflammation refers to inflammation or infection around gynecological organs.Pelvic inflammation may be caused by bacterial infection, sexually transmitted infection, diffusion of cervical inflammation or other causes.This inflammation can cause lower abdomen pain, sexual intercourse pain, and other discomfort.In addition to pelvic inflammation, other gynecological problems, such as ovarian cysts and endometriosis, may also cause lower body pain.

How to avoid pain in the lower body after women’s sexual life?

Full foreplay and lubrication:

Full foreplay can increase sexual desire and sexual excitement, and prepare for sexual intercourse.Successful foreplay can increase the degree of moisture of the vagina and increase vaginal lubrication.In addition, the use of water -soluble lubricants is also an effective method, which can provide additional lubrication to reduce pain and friction.

Avoid excessive stimulation:

Excessive stimulation may cause lower body pain, so it is necessary to avoid excessive or rude sexual behavior.Try to avoid excessive or long sexual utensils to avoid risk of stimulation and tearing.Moderate stimulation can increase pleasure, but excessive stimulation may cause pain and discomfort.

Maintain good hygiene habits:

Maintaining good hygiene habits is crucial to prevent infection and lower body discomfort.It is recommended to use a mild cleaner to clean the vulva to avoid excessive cleaning agents or soaps because they may destroy the natural acid and alkali balance of the vagina.At the same time, it is also important to keep the genitals dry, because the moist environment is easy to breed bacteria and infection.

Prevention and treatment of gynecological problems:

Some gynecological problems, such as cervical inflammation, pelvic inflammation, or vaginal infection, may cause lower body pain after sex.Prevention and timely treatment of these gynecological problems is important to maintain the comfort of sexual life.Perform regular gynecological examinations, pay attention to personal hygiene, and consult the doctor in time to obtain relevant treatment and suggestions.

Relax and decompression:

Tension and anxiety may increase the perception of lower body pain.Before sexual life, try to relax your mind and mind and create a comfortable and intimate environment.Adopting decompression methods, such as deep breathing, massage, yoga or meditation, can help relax your body and reduce anxiety.

What are the problems in the life of husband and wife?

Communication and understanding:

The communication between husband and wife is the foundation of establishing a good sex.Communicating demand, desire, and boundaries are the key to the relationship.Communication can help the two parties understand each other’s expectations and needs, and find the balance point of both parties.It is important to maintain open and honest dialogue, respect each other’s opinions and decisions, and try to understand each other’s views and feelings.

Good health and safety:

The health and safety of husband and wife life are crucial.Ensuring the safety of sexual behavior is an important step in protecting yourself and partners from sexual communication.Using condoms and other contraceptive methods can reduce the risk of transmitting diseases and not wanting to get pregnant.In addition, maintaining the health of the body has a positive impact on sexual life.It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, regular physical examination, and follow the doctor’s advice and treatment.

Explore and innovation:

Exploration and innovation in husband and wife life can increase fun and passion.Trying new sexual posture, sex products, role -playing or other irritating elements can stimulate freshness and increase interest.However, it is important to ensure that both sides feel comfortable and happy, and respect each other’s boundaries and will.When communicating and trying new things, pay attention to the comfort and boundaries of each other.

Maintain emotional connection and intimacy:

The life of husband and wife is not only physical contact, but also involves emotional connections and intimate relationships.The key to maintaining emotional connections is to establish trust, understanding and tolerance.Exposing love, care, and support for each other is very important for maintaining intimacy.In addition to sexual life, cultivating mutual feelings, common interests and hobbies, and establishing a good interpersonal relationship can also help enhance the intimacy between husband and wife.

Maintaining good health, observing safety measures, and enjoying emotional connections of mutual concern and support can help maintain a healthy, happy and lasting husband and wife life.

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